Saint Jude Thaddeus

1st century AD

Saint Jude Thaddeus

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 24, 2001 at 12:57 pm


“I am Saint Jude Thaddeus.

At the time the Apostles were first joined to follow a Man they considered Special in many, many ways, they found in this Man more things than they ever saw in each other or other people of all dimensions of life.

One of the things that attracted them the most was the fact that He could speak openly, not repetitively. Each Word, Each Sentence had meaning in It that could be associated with a human being’s actions, thinking, willingness to understand, not just the practicality of What was being spoken, but the Goal for which It was spoken.

Today, throughout the world there are so many so-called ‘learned’ men in religious circles who are prompted to become the center of attention in the eyes of others, but in many ways fail to be the example that would want other men, women and children to use the same tactics, because there are certain things missing that others feel are necessary.

The next time you hear a sermon made by an individual whose occupation is to deliver words of direction regarding how an individual should think, and what the individual should stand for, because of the Soul the individual is the custodian of, ask yourself: Would you dare greet another human being and say to them, ‘What condition is your Soul in today?’ Of course you wouldn’t, but you will ask about their health and will attempt many subjects for conversation.

The reason I speak this way is there is so little communication regarding the standards of another human being, how they think. Is it purely how they respond? Is it truly sincere? Are they always just in how they address many situations?

Now let Me ask you a question: ‘Are you a good Christian?’ If you say ‘Yes,’ what do you base it on? If you are prone to say ‘No,’ what improvements should you be making? Once a week, do you go through The Commandments that were given a long time ago, and judge your behavior on how you can answer Them in an honest manner, way, degree?

Most of what I have spoken is not part of how a human being thinks or acts, even personally, and yet We see individuals be very concerned over some injustice regarding some portion of life that they are displeased with. This takes time, because there are many facets of it to consider, according to how they think. Sometimes they never forget it; it always remains in the back of their mind. Some have even been known to, years later, remember the incidence, occurrence, and they still feel within them, an injustice.

Now, let us look at what sound, true belief in The Heavenly Father is thought about in the right order of thinking. Daily do you say:

‘God, please forgive me for what I have permitted to occur impurely. God, forgive me for acting unkind, losing my temper, when all I wanted was self-satisfaction, thus ignoring the other individual’s time, thinking and opinion.’

I know I speak differently at this time, but it is important that each human being begin to look at themselves regarding the effect they have on others’ lives. When one looks into a mirror, they see what they appear like, but what is in their mind does not show, and yet at this moment that I speak, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings throughout the world looking in a mirror, seeing only the outside of what they are appearing like to others.

I know My Words are different and some may be concerned, but it is really time for every human being to look at things realistically and for their full worth, and what affects them morally, mentally, spiritually; also, where their strengths are, regarding their Soul.

Everyone should remember that his or her Soul is a recipient of everything an individual thinks, says, does, participates in, agrees with, disagrees with, and of course, all the things that are thought secretly — are they pure as they should be for the benefit of the Soul?

Thousands of Words could be spoken on this subject, but to some reading Them, they would think only one thing: ‘That’s life in the human way, and I’m human,’ but these words do not change all the wrongs and make them right. So be it.”