Daily Prayers

“I give you a prayer on this night for you to say as you live each day in the human way:
‘Heavenly Father, bless me today. Heavenly Mother, don’t let me stray. Son of God, teach me like You did other men, and please, Dear Spirit of God, keep my Soul pure in all I am.’

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit
January 5, 1983

“Let Me give you a prayer to follow every day to Here:
‘Dear Trinity of Love, guide me in all things. Teach me how You want me to be. Let my weakness leave me and let only strength in Your Way be seen from me. Let my love be as You want it to be, a giving love, in the Name of The Trinity.’

God The Father
February 24, 1971

“I ask each child here to say a special prayer that I am about to give you. I ask you to say it each day from here on in. And when I say, ‘From here on in,’ I mean into Eternity with Me.
Dear God, help me to love You just Your Way.
Dear God, help me to know what You want of me each day.
Dear God, bless me with just a thought from You and help me be example to everyone I know.
Help me to see how to serve You.
Help me to have Faith in all I must do.
Help me to love when it is difficult.
Help me to extend my hand to serve only Divine Plan. Amen.”

The Sacred Heart
November 4, 1973

“Make it a point each day to offer God your way. Nothing is too small, nothing too large. Be sure you offer it with love. Tell Him you love Him and be sure you thank Him for all you have, all you are.”

Saint Joseph
June 30, 1971

“Every day say:
‘Oh, God, I thank You for this day. I love You. Please help me to be a Saint.’

Saint Columbkille
March 22, 1972

“ ‘I love You, God. Just let me sit with You for awhile, at the quiet of Your House. Give me peace. Let the strength of Your Power give me hope, and let the joy of Your Presence give me the desire to go on, Your Way.’

This prayer, My children, should be said by every man, every day, in every way, for this prayer I just gave you was direct from Heaven Where I am. It was a prayer to give you all the things to say so that you can say this little prayer every moment of the day.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
June 17, 1972

“How much do you love God today? Did you care enough to say a prayer? Did you care enough to say, ‘I love You, God; thank You for the life here, thank You for the air’? Did you, in your little way, say to Him privately, ‘I hope I’m better than I was yesterday’? Did you, no matter what your age, say, ‘Help me to hold Your Hand’?”

Saint Matthias
August 8, 1973

“I will give you a prayer, a prayer for you to say every day of your life, a prayer for you to extend your love and to seek the Light.
‘Dear Father, help me on the road to You. Help me to see what is right for me. Help me to not sin against You. Help me to reach for purity. I commend my whole self in Your Way. Please be my eyes, be my ears, and be in everything I say. I love You, God. Help me to understand, not the Mystery You are, but the privilege it is to be man. Help me to recognize why I was born and help me to seek the Goal for which I was born. Help me to be example to every man I meet. Help me to pray at moments when I am weak. Help me to love with charity, those whom I dislike. Help me, dear God, to see Your Light. Amen.’

Saint Joseph
April 6, 1975

“People should talk to their Souls. When was the last time you talked to your Soul? It’s a Part of you. You talk to your Guardian Angel once in awhile. You should talk to your Soul, It’s a Part of God that is to be with Him for All Eternity, and assure this Soul that you will do everything you can to make It a Saint.”

Saint Athanasius
February 10, 1982

“You will find it difficult to perform an impure act or speak impurely when the habit you have is to say:

‘I love You, God.’
‘Thank You, God.’
‘I’m sorry, God.’
‘Please help me, God.’
‘Don’t let me do anything wrong, God.’
‘God, help me to obey Your Commandments.’
‘God, help me to be a better human being.’
‘God, help me to be just.’
‘God, help me to know what Your Will is for me.’
‘God, remember to give me the strength to walk away from impurities.’
‘God, never let me alone, be with me please.’
All these things, such small statements, but constant reminders Who He Is.”

“Sainthood – One Step At A Time, Sainthood – My Goal”
June 3, 1980

“Have a personal communication with Me. Talk to Me. I love to hear you. Say, ‘Good morning,’ say ‘Good night,’ say ‘I love You,’ say ‘God, hold me tight.’ Say, ‘God, help me to know what to say in this hour of need, in this time when I have no words to say.’ If I am not there One of The Saints will come to your aid, for I, though I am present at all times, allow The Saints to guide you, intercede.”

God The Father
March 26, 1986

“God waits every moment of every day for a child to say, ‘Hello, God, don’t leave me alone today.’ And then later on He remembers to watch out for the child who remembered to think about Him in a little way.”

Our Heavenly Mother
April 21, 1982

“You must remember to say it every day.
‘Heavenly Father, bless all I do. Help me to concentrate on returning my Soul to You. Teach me how to help It grow brighter in every way.
Heavenly Mother, guide me so I will never stray.

Saint Michael, protect all I do so when I walk, I walk with You, for I know in my way, You, in protection of Heaven, will protect me the same way.

Remind me to pray, Saint Michael, for protection every way, every day, so others will see in me, through me, love for God and beauty Our Heavenly Mother’s Way. When I forget to say the prayers She loves to hear, tap me on the shoulder, Saint Michael, and show me the Rosary. I promise You I will obey when You direct my thoughts Their Way, for I know that Your Love for Them wants my Soul to return to Them first-class in total Beauty one day.’

Saint Therese of Lisieux
January 26, 1983

“I will give you a prayer. It will be short and if you say this prayer each day, it will help you better understand the beauty of prayer and the closeness that prayer affords you when you communicate with prayer at any time of the day or night, and the prayer is this:
‘God, help me to recognize all things that are good. Help me to reject all that displeases You. Help me to understand the Gift of life. Help me to do all things Your Way with my will.’

Saint Margaret Mary
September 26, 1990

“Mankind can say a simple phrase such as: ‘God, help me.’ ‘Please God, I am in need.’ ‘God, please bless this one I love.’ ‘God, thank You for everything.’ ‘God, give me courage to endure what I must.’ ‘God, give me strength to accept what I must.’ ‘God, give me hope for I need it right now.’ ‘God, help me to not sin for it is truly You I love.’

A few words at a time during the day, any time during the day, even the night, alerting Him to your thoughts, and believe it or not, to Him it is a delight.”

Saint Benedict
May 28, 1992

“As each day passes, ask yourself:
‘Have I pleased You today, my God? I hope I have. Please give me the strength, the courage to please You each day that I am allowed to live, because in my love for You I oftentimes forget the Closeness You are to me, so please help me be more watchful in my actions, my thoughts, my deeds.’

Saint Charles Borromeo and Saint Robert Bellarmine
October 4, 1999

“It is important to never allow one day to go without saying several times:
‘Thank You, God, for giving me life. Thank You, God, for giving me the responsibility to return my Soul to You, because in this responsibility You give me courage, strength, hope, love, that nothing else has the capability to do.’

Saint Martin de Porres
November 8, 1999

“There are so many men, women and children throughout the world who place all importance on how they feel, how they react to others, and/or to other occurrences, but few daily say to their Soul:

‘I love You. As You are a Portion of The Creator, please help me to be pure in my thoughts, my words, my deeds, my actions, my hopes, my caring, my devotion.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
January 4, 2000

“Daily do you say: ‘God, please forgive me for what I have permitted to occur impurely. God, forgive me for acting unkind, losing my temper, when all I wanted was self-satisfaction, thus ignoring the other individual’s time, thinking and opinion.’

Saint Jude Thaddeus
April 24, 2001

“I beseech you: let no day pass that you do not thank The Creator of All Things for that Portion of you that is a Portion of Him, called ‘the Soul.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
August 13, 2001


“My duties always tire me, they are not what I want them to be. I have to serve a family. I have to work at other things. I feel the stress, I feel the strain on the demands of me.

‘Dear God, please help me to finish the day, offering all the things I feel, the things I am, in the service of You Who allowed Your Son to walk as man for me. In sacrifice, in service and in love, help me to know that my duties will be as reparation for my sins I have caused against Thee. Amen.’

January 1 1977


“Saint Therese, be my guide today. Help me to speak only pure words. Help me to think clean thoughts, and please guide my every mood so that no sin will pass through me. Help me to know God’s Will. Show me the way He showed you. Help me to reach for purity, for I want perfection as soon as it can be. Help me to know what path I must take. Help me to be example for my Soul’s sake. Help me to gather in the world, others, so they too will see the beauty of God’s Love for every Soul to be returned to The Holy Trinity. Help me to be an instrument every day of my life. Help me to teach where it is needed. Help me to grow in God’s Light. Amen.”

“My Daily Way”
January 1 1977


“I’m moody, God, I know this. I shout with anger, cry with fear and treat others as enemies, not friends. My personality expresses itself when my mood says it must. But take my moods, oh Heavenly Father, and change them into flowers, so I can use each mood I have to be a beautiful thing, a beautiful way for others to see the beauty in me. Amen.”

“I’m Moody”
January 1 1977


“I know that I am little. I know that I am small. I know that every move I make can be example to all. I know that I have been given a chance to use the will I have, to express to everyone I meet the beauty for which I live. I want to be a Saint. I want to be with God. I want to walk a path of love to one day be with Him Above. Please help me in everything I do, to keep in mind, my Purpose upon the earth, which is for me to return to God, Who is Divine. Amen.”

“A Prayer For Sainthood”
January 1 1977

“I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘Repeat often during the day:

I love You, God. Keep me close to You. Dear Heart of Jesus, let Your Heart entwine Itself with mine. Oh, Holy Ghost, be my Light to The Divine. So be it.’

Our Lord
November 26, 1971

“I bless you, My little ones, not only today, but each time you offer a prayer My Way. And I give you a prayer now to say for all time:

‘Heavenly Father, allow me to know Your Will for me and let it show. Heavenly Mother, hold me tight, enfold me in Your Mantle day and night. Beloved Saint Joseph, protect me in the physical life so I might enjoy the Beauty of Eternal Light.’

Our Heavenly Mother
May 11, 1975

“Remember to always say:

‘Heavenly Father, give me the strength to follow all that is right, good, clean, and how You expect me to be, because I want to return to You my Soul as a Saint, bearing my name for All Eternity. So be it.’

Saint Polycarp
February 23, 2000

“As you accept your daily way, I am ever protecting you, ever waiting for you to say, ‘Mother, help me today,’ and when you least expect to see openly a sign of My answering you, God permits it, for He knows exactly when it is best for you.”

Our Heavenly Mother
September 20, 1971