Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother
Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 6, 1975


“My beloved children, I am truly your Heavenly Mother. I have used this child so much of late, talking Our Words and delivering many things, knowing that she would be the target for much controversy. But the time has come, the time is now, to give to the world Truth, and yes, a lot of Grace, for through her, I have said to the world: ‘I Am Of The Divine. Child, now you have to face What I have said. It is you who will have to face all the peoples in the world with the Words I have said.’

Oh, My beloved children, know that I was Divine before I went to the world. I am Divine now. It takes courage to say These Words, not My courage but the child, for you see, to stand so strong in the midst of men with a new thing, makes all children say, ‘How can it be?’ But now I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘I Was Divine, I Am Divine.’

And now, on this day, I make an Announcement, ‘The Beloved Joseph Was Of The Divine, He Is Divine.’ He is known as The Highest Saint. For this reason, this child has been sent before you today, so you will carry the love in your heart for all days. How else could it be: a Family sent to the world to be Example of The Holy Trinity? Oh, My little ones, it would not have been right to give such a task to three little children who were not of The Divine Way, the human love.

And do not forget that this child through whom I speak is exhausted and will fall soon to the ground, and much burden has been placed upon her, all around. She does not like to hear what I have spoken, but it has to be this way, for the balance of things are always there, and the hurt has to be, because you see, a price does always have to be paid.

So, as you are Blessed with The Father’s Love and with the courage to go on, I say to you now from Heaven Where I am, ‘I have always been Here and I want you, too, to come Here one day, Where I am.’ I bless you with The Father’s Love and I say, ‘It is a sadness Here when children do not know how to pray, for The Father has given the means and the way.’ You are Loved, My little ones, every day.

Another wishes to speak to you. He is standing by My Side and He wants to share this moment of Love, on this day, in your time. I leave you now with a Heavenly Mother’s Love and I leave you with Grace, for the time you have spent listening to Heaven has given you a share of God’s Love and God’s Grace. So be it.”


“My beloved children, I am Saint Joseph. I will speak loudly through this child and I will speak firmly through her. There is no child in the world who has been given such a Task. When I found the Announcement had to be, of The Miracle of Me, I said to The Father: ‘Please, can it not wait? The child is not strong enough for This Great Task.’ And The Father said, ‘It has to be now, My Son, for the world is looking more to the other one.’ So I said, ‘Thy Will, My God, not Mine.’

And now, I come to the world of mankind through a child who suffers much; not known to the world as it truly is, but the world will soon know that one child has to be sacrificed, as it was a long time ago. Be assured, My little ones, that all the things that you do learn through This Great Miracle are for the good of your Soul.

It is important that your Soul reach Here and it is important that you learn what your Soul truly is. It is important that you begin to stand up for what is right, what is good, and what is God’s Will. And I will give you a prayer, a prayer for you to say every day of your life, a prayer for you to extend your love and to seek the Light.

‘Dear Father, help me on the road to You. Help me to see what is right for me. Help me to not sin against You. Help me to reach for purity. I commend my whole self in Your Way. Please be my eyes, be my ears, and be in everything I say. I love You, God. Help me to understand, not the Mystery You are, but the privilege it is to be man. Help me to recognize why I was born and help me to seek the Goal for which I was born. Help me to be example to every man I meet. Help me to pray at moments when I am weak. Help me to love with charity, those whom I dislike. Help me, dear God, to see Your Light. Amen.’