Saint Charles Borromeo

1538 - 1584

Saint Charles Borromeo
Saint Robert Bellarmine

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 4, 1999 at 1:53 pm


“All ages of human life are gifted with responsibilities. I hear some say, ‘Gifted is not always how I see things I get, I receive, or I am encouraged to use.’

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Love for those in service to The Creator. To some this Statement may sound ethereal, because it would be natural for some to say: ‘No human being can be in service to The Creator. Those days are in the past, and we have reached a different point of understanding what we must be responsible for.’

So Many of Us Saints gather at different times at your place where you write My Words. It is in reality a ‘Hill of Hope’, correctly named, and We use ‘this place’, ‘this portion of land’ to deliver Many Words of Instruction regarding practical views on situations, moral obligations, and how necessary it is to relate in every way, on every issue, on the importance of what the day will contain regarding one’s individual love for The Creator, for God, for one’s Soul.

It is so easy for men, women and children to speak about many subjects, some important, some in jest, and some just in conversation. I assure you Everything that We speak through one voice is of the utmost importance for not only the Souls of those who take the Words and put Them in print, but for those who are not present, and who will read the Words and see the Beauty, the Value, the Purpose, the Need, the Practicality and the Love that the Words used mean, that an individual in the human way is Special in Design, in Purpose, in Goal, that no other living matter or thing is capable of, privileged with.

Though it is difficult for thousands of men, women and children to believe This Gift of The Father’s Love, it is now as it was in the Time The Son of The Father walked the earth. So much was delivered, so many important issues elaborated upon, and so many responsibilities delegated to specific individuals, and believe it or not, have carried down two thousand years, and no one knows the Name of the first one who was given the Fact, the Purpose, the Reason, the Subject that was to mean so much at this time in the lives of millions of human beings.

Your love for The Creator, your love for your Soul is a Connecting Link to All that is important morally, mentally, spiritually, and it is important, as a human being, you remember every day has a meaning to it, and a Gift to help you better understand how Important life is to man. Also, that as each day passes, ask yourself:

‘Have I pleased You today, my God? I hope I have. Please give me the strength, the courage to please You each day that I am allowed to live, because in my love for You I oftentimes forget the Closeness You are to me, so please help me be more watchful in my actions, my thoughts, my deeds.’ So be it.”