Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 30, 1971 at 2:15 pm


“My beloved daughters, there are so many things that God has given you to help you, to teach you the way to Here.

Very often children enjoy wearing something on their head to give them distinction. It has been known through time that man is aware of particular headgear. As you go through life be aware of a special Crown for you. It is a Crown of Beauty, Loyalty, Love, Reward. It is the Crown of Sainthood. There is no man in the world denied this Crown at birth. It is gained, It is earned, through the acts you perform, the work you do, the love you show, the service to God done by you. The Beauty of this Crown is determined by God after He judges you.

Please, My children, gather many jewels for this Crown. Help this Crown to be beautiful for you. Begin now by concentrating on this. Each day should be dedicated to The Heavenly Father. Each hour should be a prayer of love, a thought, a desire to please Him Who is Above. Be ever conscious of the fullness of prayer, the communion it is, with God Who is Here.

I, Saint Joseph, walked the earth as you. I dedicated My Life to obedience, in obedience, for I knew that the Greater Power was beyond the world. Make it a point each day to offer God your way. Nothing is too small, nothing too large. Be sure you offer it with love. Tell Him you love Him and be sure you thank Him for all you have, all you are.

In the time that you live, many men are headed for moral decay. They act oblivious to truth, they act indifferent to God. This, My children, is satan’s way. Remember one thing: The evil one works hard to destroy you, to draw you from God, not out of love, out of envy, hate. Remember, too, that as he does this, he does it because he is jealous of God. God is All Love, All Truth, All Strength.

Your Heavenly Father must hear you say, ‘I love You, God, help me to pray.’ He will, for He made you one day. A little smile, a small act of love gains you Grace from Above. No act is unseen, no word is not heard, no desire too great. Be aware of this.

Before you lay your head tonight, examine your day and say, ‘Was it one hundred percent right?’ You will find flaws, you will find error, you will find problems, you will find doubts, you will find anxieties, you will find weaknesses that must be wiped out. Work on improvement, work on a stripping of self-love, pride, ego. Ask for humility; it is strength. Ask for love; it is Grace. Ask for courage, for trust in The Heavenly Father gains you courage.

I love you. I bless you with God’s Love, with the Heart of The Son, with the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother, with My Obedient Heart and with the Light of The Holy Ghost. So be it.”