Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 26, 1971 at 9:45 pm


“My son, My children, as I speak through this child I will draw your attention to a long time ago. I dripped with Blood. I was wet with the sweat of My Body and I was torn to shreds because of mankind, in his weakness, in his selfishness, in his fears. The reason for this was thus: one man leaned upon another, took orders from another, without risking to stand for the truth, to stand in My defense, for fear of his own life. I knew I had to succumb to the full, to the extreme treatment for the Salvation of these very men.

A life had to be given in this manner so that Eternal Life would be for all mankind. The many reasons have not been disclosed to man. Man has accepted certain ones, the ones he could relate to, but in reality, there are many hidden meanings to the Crucifixion, that is to say, the manner in which It took place and the way. So few men visualize the cruelty, the horror that took place. It must be soon that man will begin to see the way it really was.

Man tries very hard to make things pleasant so that it does not affect him, but I say, ‘The Crucifixion was not pleasant in that day.’ The world cannot escape the reparation that must be. Men are allowing themselves to fall into horrible sin. They are exploiting their weaknesses and accepting more than they originally had.

My children, I speak through this child with Words of Direction, of Prophecy, filled with Supernatural Truth. The time must come when man will have to realize that the Purpose of life was to bear much fruit, not an escape into a wilderness with the evil force. The Heavenly Father wants all children to one day be recognized, to be accepted as Saints. It can be done through living in the natural way, serving The Heavenly Father in a loving way, offering each little thing that is done through the day, plus exercising the power of prayer.

My children, let no man cause you to stray in any way. It is necessary that you grow naturally each day, for as you do you will feel the Power, the Strength, the Courage, the Love that God has your way. Each child born to the world has the chance to become a Saint. Only a foolish child would deny himself this Reward.

My death in the human way, in the torturous position of the Cross, cannot be in vain. I did not do it for just a few men. I did it for all mankind in each day. There was one point in the suffering where the fluid blinded Me and I could barely wipe it away, and when I did, I saw around Me so few men who thought to pray. My thoughts were sent to The Father and I did say, ‘Man must learn to pray, for in such a horror as this, the need for prayer, the love it is, the strength it gives, is a staff for man to lean upon.’ That is why Heaven teaches through this child the necessity to pray, for through prayer the physical body grows stronger in many ways. It gives peace to the mind and the Soul gains Grace.

Man would not ignore other men. He would not remain silent if others were present for he would feel the need to communicate. Why then does man ignore The God that created him, Who can give him Eternal Life, Who is always ready to strengthen him? Man instinctively knows there is a Higher Power, a Greater Power, an Ultimate Power of creation, and that this Power has given man a simple, a direct, an uncomplicated contact, which is prayer. So much can be said in this way. So much can be cleared up when a child prays. So much love can be transferred, transmitted, when a child kneels to God in a small way or in a big way. Children have forgotten the beauty of silence to pray. Children have neglected to learn how to pray.

My children, My Words tonight are to ease the way. Man will be lost to Heaven if he does not pray. I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘Repeat often during the day:

I love You, God. Keep me close to You. Dear Heart of Jesus, let Your Heart entwine Itself with mine. Oh, Holy Ghost, be my Light to The Divine. So be it.’