The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 4, 1973 at 11:33 am



I will tell you what I see.  Oh my! I see the ocean, and the waves are approximately three feet high.  I see them diminishing.  I see the ocean calm, almost as if it were glass.  I see color, but it is more silver than blue and green, and the color changed because The Sacred Heart is now standing in the center of it.

His gown is radiant white.  His Heart is so big, It fills His whole Chest.  And It is not on the outside of the garment; It’s on the inside of His Being, under the garment, and yet He is allowing me to see It.  Oh my! And It is not red; It is gold.

Oh, and the, oh my, there are Rays, but the Rays are not like rays we have ever seen.  The Rays are like — oh, The Heart is so big.  He’s telling me how to explain it to you.  Oh my! The Rays — oh, Each Ray from The Heart is like a Level of Heaven.  Oh, I have never seen — the Ray comes from The Heart and It touches, It extends out to a Place in Heaven; that’s why I couldn’t distinguish — and Each Ray, oh my!


“My beloved children, the Vision I hand to the child is indescribable in her way.  She is all overtaken with the Magnitude of the Beauty I have shown her.  I have shown her a Touch of Heaven.  My Power must hold her deeply, for the Magnitude I show her would cause her an ecstasy beyond the point of speaking.  The Vision burns her eyes, the physical ones, so I send water to cool and relieve the pain and the Magnitude.  The Rays are reaching out to a path for each of you.

Men do not envision Heaven as they should.  Men are beginning to eliminate the Goal.  I increase the water, for the Vision will become stronger and the burning greater, because I want each child here to understand the Power I transmit through this child for the world.  The Rays are My Direction to you, and on Each Ray there is enough room for every child ever born to the world.  I do not complain when a child cannot reach the Highest Level of Sainthood, but I say to each child: ‘Strive for It.  I want It for you.’

I show the child one Ray now at a time, to lessen the Magnitude of this Vision of Mine.  This Ray is for vocation of life:  marriage state, religious state, single state, but in the world state.  I do not ask man to walk in an ethereal way to follow the path to Me, but I come through this child and I say, ‘Use the vocation you have chosen, or I have directed you to, to extend to all mankind the path of Sainthood.’

And now I show the child another Ray, the Ray of duty in each area of life; how it can be abused, misused, and how children can stray in the truth of life; but This Ray, if followed, will carry you to My Feet.  Be aware of This Ray’s existence and know that the stability of This Ray is borne by the Ten Commandments for you to keep.

The Vision could go on and on, but I read your hearts.  I love you so much, more than you will ever know.  I love you in a manner inconceivable to man.  And as I take this child from you today, I say, ‘Through her, her obedience, her trust, her will, I intend to reach every man.  And I want each of you to remember the Rays, for Where I am there is calmness, and that is why even the sea becomes calm for Me.’

I ask each child here to say a special prayer that I am about to give you.  I ask you to say it each day from here on in.  And when I say, ‘From here on in,’ I mean into Eternity with Me.

Dear God, help me to love You just Your Way.

Dear God, help me to know what You want of me each day.

Dear God, bless me with just a thought from You and help me be example to everyone I know.

Help me to see how to serve You.

Help me to have Faith in all I must do.

Help me to love when it is difficult.

Help me to extend my hand to serve only Divine Plan.  Amen.”