Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1983


“As an instrument speaks and the tone changes to Mine, I want you to know that Every Word spoken has been from The Divine.

The Father does not play tricks or games. There is too much at stake, the sake of a Soul that walks with each human being in every day, in every race.

I speak slowly through a voice tired from work, but ready to serve in a manner and a way of dedication and commitment Divine Way.

Men call Me ‘Saint’. I am alive with Divine Love and Divine Hope. I hear men pray, I answer prayers, I intercede, and yes, I remind men of Grace. There are many men who speak to Me each day, offering gifts of service, hope, dedication, if I will but answer a prayer their way.

My sons, I Am The Holy Ghost. I Am Saint Joseph. My Power walks and works through such weak strength. I am more than you know and much of Me shows in the perseverance of this instrument in every way.

I Am The Wind in The Father’s Will. I Am The Power in His Wind, for Divine Will. I Am Hope. I Am Fortitude. I Am Dignity. I Am Power. I Am Light. I Am Faith, for when you believe in The Father and you associate yourself with The Son, you seek The Mother’s Love, it is My Closeness, My Association with your Soul that touches your Faith, encourages your Faith, gives your Faith the Hope.

If the Power I Am were to surge through you as It surges through this instrument of Light, you could not stand the Pressure, the Force, the Mastery of It, on your physical or even in your mind.

There are so many around who try to imitate This Great Miracle of Light. There is no one who can imitate It, for there is only One Miracle of Me in the world in your day, as tonight.

You have been given many Lessons, many Directions. You have been given purpose, you have been given growth, you have been given perseverance. You have been told of dignity. You have been explained, the ethical way it must be, to seek purity, for no man can seek a purified road until he seeks first obedience to The Commands, The Rules The Father gave.

The instrument through whom I speak is a woman in the world but in many ways not of it, for it could not be; but the human relationship between you and her is a relationship of mother and son so that you will better understand the responsibility.

Never treat your life casually. Never look at your Faith in a relaxed way. See it as a Gift you must honor and hold with pride, in service to The Holy Trinity.

I give you a prayer on this night for you to say as you live each day in the human way:

‘Heavenly Father, bless me today. Heavenly Mother, don’t let me stray. Son of God, teach me like You did other men, and please, Dear Spirit of God, keep my Soul pure in all I am.’

I bless you, My sons, in a Personal way. I bless you with the hope that you will promise The Father, promise The Mother and promise The Son that you will seek purity in every way. So be it.”