God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 24, 1971 at 11:15 am


“You are entering a new phase of life, a phase of understanding My Way. I ask you to face this with truth, with trust. I did not say, ‘Face it with knowledge.’ If you face the future days, months, years, with total trust in My Way, you will find a purpose for your life as man, for your time in the physical way.

You tend to place much significance on particular items in the material way. You tend to place much importance on your physical appearance. You tend to place inadequate amounts on the time you spend with Me. You tend to create mystery around Me. You tend to neglect serving Me.

Some children now are ignoring what I want, what must be. You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. You have read where they had to be wiped out, eliminated, because of the dreadful sin, the horror that was within. As you are centered in one room that has been Blessed by Me, you are only slightly aware of the agony, the turmoil, the destruction that is going on not far from thee. Souls are being lost through pride, through ego. Many children are accepting the easy way out, which, in reality, is not the easy way out.

Truth, if it is done with Me in mind, with love for Me as its root, will give a bliss, a contentment to your way. As you were born with a Soul, with a body, with a Guardian Angel, with a will, you must be aware of all these. All men were born with these four things. All men are to use their wills to return to Me.

Do not let deceit enter your lives in any form. Do not ask to serve Me, covering deceit in any way. If you approach with truth, you will gain truth. As was said to a favored son of Mine, ‘Refrain from acts of love through satan.’ Do not let your appearance belie your reason. Do not feel so content in your hidden meaning to things that you feel hidden from Me, for it is never as this.

As I speak through the child, I am aware of each of you, of the purpose of your life, and how you crossed the threshold. I know your needs, I know your thoughts, I know what is in your heart. When I faced man, when I taught man and urged man to follow Me, I never used a deceitful means; always truth, as I ask you to do.

Now let Me give you a prayer to follow every day to Here:

‘Dear Trinity of Love, guide me in all things. Teach me how You want me to be. Let my weakness leave me and let only strength in Your Way be seen from me. Let my love be as You want it to be, a giving love, in the Name of The Trinity.’