Saint Benedict

480 - 547

Saint Benedict

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 28, 1992 at 3:30 pm


“I am Saint Benedict. It appears as though We stand in line to speak through this instrument, this woman, this child of The Divine. I come to speak to you today on the benefits of prayer, the necessity for prayer, and the beauty that results from prayer.

Mankind can say a simple phrase such as: ‘God, help me.’ ‘Please God, I am in need.’ ‘God, please bless this one I love.’ ‘God, thank You for everything.’ ‘God, give me courage to endure what I must.’ ‘God, give me strength to accept what I must.’ ‘God, give me hope for I need it right now.’ ‘God, help me to not sin for it is truly You I love.’

A few words at a time during the day, any time during the day, even the night, alerting Him to your thoughts, and believe it or not, to Him it is a delight.

So many forget the Full Existence of God, the Real Existence of God, the Eternal Existence of God, and the Love He has extended to all human life: the Act of Faith, the Gift of a Soul, the privilege of the mind, and the beauty of knowing what is right.

As I speak through this woman in the world, I am thankful for the privilege that as I stood in the human form, I was fully aware of all the privileges Sainthood would give, though perhaps there were times I appeared I didn’t care.

Bear in mind as I speak to you, you have been given a Great Gift, the Gift of Faith, the Gift of Hope, and the privilege to be a part of This Great Miracle of Love that has given thousands and thousands and thousands of Directions through Words.

You are Blessed. Thank The Father for It, and remember, for every act of love you perform in His Name, your Soul benefits. So be it.”