Saint Martin
de Porres

1579 - 1639

Saint Martin de Porres

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 8, 1999 at 1:38 pm


“I am Saint Martin de Porres.

Throughout the world there are many interpretations of what men, women and children should believe in, should follow, and should look at as a great goal, great purpose for them in the world, and their communication with other human beings.

The Father, in giving to mankind of all ages, all degrees of Spiritual understanding, all degrees of intellect and all degrees of financial belongings, helping everyone to more fully understand what a Precious Value life is to man, and that it has a Purpose beyond any other living matter or thing, but it has also a Goal, not one readily seen by the eye when spoken about, but nevertheless, a Goal that in each human being there is an innate understanding of this Goal.

Some might say, ‘What makes me feel I have a Goal?’ That answer is easy, because the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, is a Link of Communication, of Understanding, and of Importance, due to the fact that the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, The Creator of life in all things, gives to the individual much understanding on many issues that no other living matter or thing is capable of.

As I speak These Words, They are to be understood as Hope for all those who read Them, because within This Wording there is a Distinct Love from The Divine, not just to encourage, but to instill the closeness that human life has to The Divine.

Children are not learning what a Precious Gift human life is, what a Precious Gift the mind is, the intellect, the freedom to speak, and the freedom to use one’s life in different facets of life: some to give hope, some to be able to teach others, instruct them on important issues, facts, problems, situations, and of course, some to be able to supply their lives with the needed matter and things necessary to live each day.

My Words are different at this time, but They come with much concern, and yet much Love, because so little is instructed on the Importance of human life, what it is all about, and the Goal that it is able to reach because of One Portion of it that is closely connected to The Creator, and that is called ‘the Soul’.

As I leave you, I bless you in The Father’s Way, because it is important to never allow one day to go without saying several times:

‘Thank You, God, for giving me life. Thank You, God, for giving me the responsibility to return my Soul to You, because in this responsibility You give me courage, strength, hope, love, that nothing else has the capability to do.’

With Each Word We speak through one voice, All Things are important, because there is no place, no way that mankind can learn so much about human life, its Purpose, its Reason, its Goal, other than This Gift of Divine Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Creator, ‘Saint Joseph’.”