God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 26, 1986


“My beloved children, man is eager to learn things different than he already knows. Man says, ‘I want explanation, I want answers I can handle, I can understand.’ Man says, ‘I want it my way.’ Man says, ‘I want to see, I want to feel, I want to touch.’ Man says, ‘If others see, others feel, others touch, and I do not, do You not love me much?’ And I say, ‘You are measuring the amount of Love I have for you.’ I also say: ‘You are incapable of measuring My Love for you, for you see, My Love is More Pure than your love could ever be. My Words, always for the good of you. My Direction for you is to take that physical life you have, dedicate it to My Will, and act in a manner of sound, pure example, for other men to learn from you.’

When you are teaching a child, teach the child at the child’s level. When you are instructing an adult, instruct the adult at his or her level.

When you feel hope, share it. When you feel the Beauty of Faith, declare it. When you see humility should be your outward act, practice it. When you feel alone, you have Me, and do not forget, you have your Soul. When you look for success in your daily life, look for it on My Terms, not just yours, for I Am Always A Guiding Light.

When you feel fear, be thankful for it sometimes, for it will alert you to what you must watch out for, it will alert you to, perhaps a change of pace or place is needed for your protection. Fear is a Gift in many ways, for fear extends to every child a moment of watchful listening, a moment of watchful hesitation, a moment of watchful declaration.

Do not be frightened of fear. Do not be frightened of the amount of Faith you feel you should have, and you feel you don’t have. Trust My Judgment in what I know you can handle, and as you grow in Faith in Me, I will give you a little more, and then a little more, and then a little more; but use your Faith wisely, share it with others, but do not try to instruct them so much that they lose sight of what Faith is all about. Reach for a ‘Faith of Purity’. Let no man decide for you what your Faith should contain, what your Faith should be to you.

Have a personal communication with Me. Talk to Me. I love to hear you. Say, ‘Good morning,’ say ‘Good night,’ say ‘I love You,’ say ‘God, hold me tight.’ Say, ‘God, help me to know what to say in this hour of need, in this time when I have no words to say.’ If I am not there One of The Saints will come to your aid, for I, though I am present at all times, allow The Saints to guide you, intercede.

Do not forget, you are never alone, for the Soul that you have is Part of Me and that Soul is a Cherished Part of Me. When things go wrong the Soul reaches out, for the Soul says, ‘Father, we need help.’

When I see a child falling into sin, My Heart pounds with Love and I say, ‘Child, remember Me,’ and the pound of My Heart should get your attention, for do not forget, I want the Soul to return to Me. I do not want the Soul to be tarnished. I do not want the Soul to have to spend time in a manner and in a way, earning purity.

You are fortunate in your time of day. You are fortunate because you have the Faith to be here on this day. You are fortunate because of the Faith that has been nourished in the amount of time you have lived in the human way.

Be blessed, and remember that reverence is important to Me. Honoring Me is special to Me. Dignity, I love to see, and your Faith in action is loyalty to Me.

Be blessed, My little ones, and know, that tonight I have given your Soul, the ‘Bond’ between Us, a Special Blessing, One Alone.”