Saint Therese
of Lisieux

1873 - 1897

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 26, 1983


“The Light of the Heavens is bright, My daughters, in so many areas tonight, for the Light that flows through This Great Miracle is the Light of Hope that touches all men’s eyes.

My Name you’ve heard so often and some of you each day pray My way. My Name is Saint Therese of Lisieux and I bless you on this night with a prayer. You must remember to say it every day.

‘Heavenly Father, bless all I do. Help me to concentrate on returning my Soul to You. Teach me how to help It grow brighter in every way.

Heavenly Mother, guide me so I will never stray.

Saint Michael, protect all I do so when I walk, I walk with You, for I know in my way, You, in protection of Heaven, will protect me the same way.

Remind me to pray, Saint Michael, for protection every way, every day, so others will see in me, through me, love for God and beauty Our Heavenly Mother’s Way. When I forget to say the prayers She loves to hear, tap me on the shoulder, Saint Michael, and show me the Rosary. I promise You I will obey when You direct my thoughts Their Way, for I know that Your Love for Them wants my Soul to return to Them first-class in total Beauty one day.’

I have given you this prayer. Perhaps it is lengthy; but, My daughters and My sons, it is a prayer that is sound, it is a prayer that will remind you that Heaven is all around.

My Blessings come to you on this night, My Love for The Divine shines through This Light, and I say as a Saint to daughters who must learn to pray God’s Way: ‘Use your vocation of life, use the manner that you walk each day, in total observance of God’s Love, with an awareness of the Soul you are the custodian of. Be close to what you know is good. Be fair when it is needed for another’s good, and do not forget that the Light of Heaven is for each of you.’

There are so many, many blossoms of flowers upon the earth and children, when they see these, exclaim: ‘How beautiful the color, the touch is so gentle to my hand. I wish that they would live forever upon the land.’ The Father feels the same way about the Soul you have. The Portion of Him has a Beauty all alone, one you cannot fathom in your littleness. Your Soul, in the touch of It, has a gentleness like the flowers and yet your Soul is meant to live forever, and yes, be presented back to Him first-class. So be it.”