Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 14, 1973 at 10:48 am


“My beloved children, you are accustomed to such a salutation, for through it there is an announcement of Our Way.  I, Saint Joseph, come through this child today to say, ‘Great Lessons have been taught through her for children to begin to learn the beauty of walking the physical way.’

On a time, in a way, not too long ago, children were asking the method, the means, the manner in which they could grow.  From Me, I gave a Lesson to teach each one so.  My suggestion was this:  To take twelve hours in each day, take three minutes of each hour and learn to look God’s Way.  At the end of the day, you have not given Him too much, but you have given Him a little time of your day.

I suggested that the first hour you think about the Commandment that came first.  The second hour, that Commandment, and so on through the day.  Think of the sins you committed against this particular Commandment, and at the eleventh hour you say, ‘God, I am sorry for the offenses I have given You through my weaknesses, in my way.’ An Act of Contrition, man calls it; and then I would suggest you say an Act of Faith, Hope, Charity, Love.

While I speak through the child, I am sending a Vision her way.  I would suggest, when all these things are done and you have contemplated what wrongs you are used to performing, you write it down, think about it, tear it up, then confess it and let it be gone from you.  Be sure that when you say you are sorry to The Father, you mean it, for through such sorrow you can come Here to be with Him for All Eternity.

I am sending a Vision deeper into the child, around her and to her.  As the Light is shown within her, around her, through her, It is brightened by the Wisdom pouring forth.  Let It blind your senses.  Let It give you hope.  Let It give you self-discipline.  Let It teach you obedience to God’s Will.  Let It project to you, Faith.  Let It dominate your life.  Let It teach you to love The Holy Trinity.

I, Saint Joseph, say to you today, ‘What is Light?’ Light can be many things.  I send a Light now from the ravine.  I send Hope.  I send Charity.  I send Understanding.  I send Faith.  I send a degree of Warmth.  I send a Love that is Just.  I send The Miracle that must bring all children Here Where I am.

Let the Warmth of this Light embrace you.  Let the embrace be as The Father’s Arms around you.  Let what you feel, what you see, draw you to Him, to The Holy Trinity.  Let the earth that you stand upon give you strength.  Let the Light teach you God’s Way.  Let the moment you share stay with you and teach you to care.  Let the heresies that surround you be rejected by you.  Let the Light of Truth warm you, enlighten you.  Let the brightness It is, give you the Gift God uses — Faith.

I surround you, I love you, for through this Great Hill of Hope, men will learn to stand strong for The Holy Trinity.  All ages, all colors, all races, all creeds, must come to this Hill to learn what God Wills it to be.  The Light is the Heavenly Light; the Truth, God’s Will for you.  So be it.”