Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 30, 1970 at 8:37 pm


“My sons, My daughters, I reach you tonight for a definite purpose. I stand High in the Heavens and beside Me is The Mother of All, smiling gently, lovingly on you. I am Joseph, and We come in force tonight to encourage your thinking to follow through on the dictates of truth. You are blessed with Faith and Knowledge; carry through.

We walked the earth as you walk, We loved as you love, We served God as is your desire to do. Do not let weak men detour you or cause you disturbance so you will deny the truth of love. Our Blessed Mother says to you now: ‘Oh, My little ones, spread My Word, teach My Love, show My Way and be example for Me. I will greet you one day and bless you for the courage you had for Me. I ask you also to favor a Beloved Saint of God Who walked with Me as you walk, Who served God in an ultimate way as Man; Who, it has been said about, that He will be the Signal to all men, of Truth, Compassion and Love.’

Many Saints Here in the Heavens spur you on to work solely for the love of God. Work tirelessly, become stronger through much prayer and devotions, and above all, make the daily walk to the Table of Love to begin each day. Never be without the Rosary and do not neglect the Prayer of Love. When you deliver the words, be firm, be kind, be generous, be example. Those hearts difficult to reach, pray for them, be kind to them. Remember, those who do believe, encourage them to walk more in the Grace of God, to bend more their will to the Will of God, and to learn more, meditation in the Way of God.

In the quiet of the night, whisper words of love, words of thanksgiving, words of care. Seek His Advice. In the noise of the day, remember to call out His Name so He will know you are remembering Him. Offer the acts you do in reparation for the sins you’ve done. Rather than chastise yourself, console yourself through an act of love for Him. When the physical is tired, the mental unable to think and the Spiritual feels dead, look to the breath you take and offer it up to Him Who Is. No wasted time then, no lack of communication; a constant prayer, a constant thought, a constant remembrance to Him.

The benefits of this kind of love, not now; but, as you grow, the beauty of life will be yours to behold, and the more you fall in love with Him, We’ll give you Grace untold. The day will come, and as you stand before Him the Blessings will be so many, and the Love He will extend to you, far beyond your knowledge, and you will say: ‘Oh, my God, I am so sorry I neglected You so much of the time. Teach those I love to love You more.’ A chance yet for you to teach them yourselves. A beautiful beginning for a beautiful end, which will be the true beginning.

I, Saint Joseph, bless you from the Heavens: My Signal of Love, My Signal of Truth, My Signal of Power, My Signal of God. So be it.”