Saint Peter Canisius

1521 - 1597

Saint Peter Canisius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 24, 1972 at 1:33 pm


“In the midst today is an enemy of God, and yet this man feels he is truth for God. He stands in a justice all his own and he stands firm on what he believes in, is all truth. The man is alone in the world and yet he stands among you. He is firm in his own conviction, but not truly in God’s Will. He has little doubt that what he thinks could be satan’s way. He has little desire to do God’s Will in any day. And I, Saint Peter Canisius, say on this day that this child who stands in such loneliness must change his way.

I stand with this child and within her, and she stands firm in God’s Way, to allow no man to interfere in any manner to interrupt This Miracle of your day. I have spoken many times through this child. I speak again today and as I do, I say to you, ‘Be sure that you, when you leave this Holy ground today, prepare in your own way to do God’s Will every day.’

There are so many children in the world now who do not fear to sin, but they fear doing the Will of God, for you see, they say it will take enjoyment from every day and it will involve them in commitment to His Will. I, Saint Peter Canisius, say to you today, ‘Let the blow that you strike be at satan, not this child, nor God in any way.’

Keep in mind the prayer the child did say with you today, for it should be on every man’s lips every day. And every man should, before he lays his head at night, say,

‘Oh my God, forgive me for my weaknesses today, for all the things that did not show right.’

So, My children, the prayer as it is begun here, to be said every day, morning, noon and night, for through this prayer you will find a cleansing of the way, a particular drive for purity, and yes, a desire for obedience God’s Way.

I bless you through a child chosen by The Father to stand on firm ground for All Truth in every day. And those of you who deny God’s doing things this way, keep in mind that for a first time in a long time, you were reminded to say, ‘Oh my God, I am heartily sorry.’ This, My children, should make you understand the child stands in truth for the whole world of man. So be it.”