“I'm Sorry, God”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 22, 1980


“I’m sorry, God. It is so easy to ask forgiveness of another person. It almost becomes a habit to ask forgiveness for the most ridiculous impolite act or forgetfulness. What about all the times that an offense against God occurs, through neglect, impudence, selfishness, possessiveness, through little lies, through unimportant situations? Shouldn’t, ‘I’m sorry, God,’ be on the tip of our tongue?

It is time that men begin to realize the Ever Presence of God, and the importance of saying, ‘I’m sorry, God.’ We should make this a part of our life, and use it every time we feel we have done the slightest injustice to His Name, in His Name, in respect of Him, or in neglecting to show love for Him. We must say again and again, ‘I’m sorry, God,’ and be sure we mean it when we say it, and be sure, too, that in our mind we are determined to cause fewer offenses against Him.”