Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 20, 1984


“Dear God,

I am fully aware that I could not say I am a Saint. I also could not say that knowing my habits, my behavior under encouragement to do wrong, does not always consider or even consciously fear disobeying Your Ten Commandments.

I hear much from many sources about reviewing my ideas, my ideals, my intentions, my decisions and my example where my Faith in You should be my prime concern. I have no doubt that I disappoint You because I know better and I consent to weakness, temptation, and the easy path that pleases only my human nature instead of my Spiritual loyalty to You.

I am writing this letter because I feel that it is time for me to make open to You and to myself how I realize that I am not reaching for the purity You intended for my Soul. At this moment, Dear God, I want You to accept my love, because I am truly sorry for all my past offenses against each of Your Ten Commandments, and I beg of You to give me the strength to never offend You again. If I do, please Dear God, show me some sign that I must not offend You again.

The world is full of sacrilegious abominations, triggered by a lack of Honor to You. Help me to stand in sound example, strong unselfish logic, to show by my actions and words that I do not feel I can take part in any immoral act, actions, or physical involvement.

I love You, God; I know this, and I also know I must be responsible for all I do, all I say and all I am, for I cannot forget the privilege of the physical life, its ultimate Purpose, and the dignity of my free will that Your Divine Love so generously gave to me.”

My Name Is