Saint Mary Magdalene

1st century AD

Saint Mary Magdalene

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 16, 1972 at 7:40 pm


“My sons and My daughters, I am a Saint that some has been written about. I am a Saint Who walked out of pure self-love for a time. I am a Saint Who stands Here in the Heavens, always saying to God, ‘Thank You for the privilege, God, of being Here with You.’ He oftentimes smiles at Me and says, ‘Mary, you changed your ways and I forgave you, and I am so happy that your example will be followed by others in the world.’

My Name is Mary Magdalene. You see, My children, God is forgiving; but keep this in mind, that once you say, ‘I am sorry, God, help me today,’ be sure you mean it, for there is no merit to not meaning it, for He knows your heart and your Soul.

There are so many children throughout the world who need to know of This Miracle, for they, too, are walking as I walked: a sinful way, a selfish way, a way full of self-love and no hope.

As I come through this child on this day, I stand in hope for you each day. Do not be so overconfident that you can say to God, ‘I did not sin today, God, I am great.’ Oh, My children, that is a form of pride, of ego, and keep in mind that God favors humility in every way; and as you walk each day, grow in humility God’s Way, for when you do, you grow in love with Him, for you see, My children, He has awaiting you and all men, Sainthood. No Saint can stand in Heaven and say, ‘I stand in pride. I made it this way.’ So, as you walk your little way, walk in dignity, walk in purity, walk in modesty, walk in obedience, and walk in humility.

I bless you with God’s Love for I have the privilege to do this, and I bless you with Hope, for you see, I, too, walked the human way. And I say to you, ‘Follow the end of My life and not the beginning, and you, too, will become a Saint Here Where I am.’ So be it.”