Saint Mary Magdalene

1st century AD

Saint Mary Magdalene

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 25, 1972 at 1:21 pm



It is Mary Magdalene and She is radiant. Her hair is to here. It looks red to me. She is not real tall. Her hair waves on the end. She’s standing with Three Angels on either side. The Angels are beautiful. Michael, Saint Michael, stands above Her, here; and when I point here, this is where I see Him. She’s radiant. Her face is smiling. Oh my!


“My beloved children, there are some of you who have scruples; you do not know what to do. There are some of you who are placing so much emphasis on things you have done and the things you want to do. Oh, My children, say to God,

‘Please forgive me, God, and let me better understand what You want of me, what You have planned my way.’

I, too, walked a miserable way one day. I, too, shouted out, ‘I do not know what is meant for me.’ And suddenly one day I met the Eyes of a Man Whom I could not walk away from and Whom I knew did understand. This Man was as you: flesh, blood, kind, gentle, and yet there was something more about this Man. He radiated Purity, He radiated a Divine Plan. But it was His Gentleness, and yes, something I could not describe that made me understand that the path that I was on was really not for man. It was the evil one’s influence, it was the evil one’s way to draw me from the beauty that I truly wanted to experience one day.

So I, Mary Magdalene, say to you on this day: ‘Think of how my way was. Think of what a detriment scruples are to you. Think of the beauty of holding God in view.’ You know the Purpose of the physical life is to one day be a Saint. The Purpose of the physical way is God’s Love for each of you. No man is teaching of this time, the beautiful way of the physical for The Divine. So as you walk, truly say, ‘God, make me walk Your Way.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with a Truth. I bless you and I say, ‘Be sure that you are holding God’s Hand each day, for as you hold His Hand, you cannot stray and you cannot allow scruples to come your way.’ Do not be misled by those who are weak. Do not misinterpret the Words God once said. Do not ask others to lead you, but turn to The Father and say:

‘I have sinned, please help me.
I am concerned, please help me.
I walk in doubt, please guide me.
Oh God, help me be a Saint.’
So be it.”