Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 25, 1973 at 1:59 pm


“My beloved children, it is so good to hear laughter. I am Saint Anne.

I smile through the child, for you see, I very often speak to her of The Holy Trinity. This child stands in jeopardy like no man knows. This child is the most controversial child in the world, because she stands in such Truth for God Himself, God alone. The world will hear of This Great Miracle. It has already, you know. I am your Heavenly Grandmother.

I, in My speaking to you, must say that the Words given by Saint Augustine today were to alert you to the beauty of penance in every way. Men are forgetting the value to it, the value of it, for in many ways it is reward. To be cleared of sin, cleansed of the feeling it is, is Reward from God. Keep this in mind. It was given to the world for reasons, for The Divine, from The Divine, in The Divine’s Name.

Children are omitting it, for they feel that it is no longer necessary to tell another man, sins. Also, they are saying: ‘Why go to him? He does not understand.’ Keep this in mind: What goes through him is from God Himself, and he stands in a position of strength. And what he says, keep in mind, may not be what you want to hear from The Divine, but when you leave, you are fully aware that it takes cleansing to become a Saint. It takes reparation. It takes penance.

And I, Saint Anne, suggest to you now, ‘The act of confession will help you better understand that God is truly around.’ I expect to see children of all ages, all races, all colors, all creeds, bend their knee in the confessional way and ask forgiveness, knowing that the one who stands, sits, waits in the cell, may not say what you want to hear, but keep in mind: cleansing has to be, for without it you could go to Hell, without the knowledge of cleansing, what it should be, what it does mentally, physically, what it does for your Soul. I, Saint Anne say, ‘Make other men aware of the Importance of penance in your day.’ So many men have become lax in this way.

And I, your Heavenly Grandmother, love to hear a child say: ‘God, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.’ Keep in mind, when you say this, it is loved by The Divine, and then We in turn say, ‘God, did You hear the child?’ He says, ‘Yes.’ And then I very lovingly say, ‘Through this act of humility, may I share in the Grace the child’s way?’ He never refuses Me a thing, for you see, I hand out cookies in the form of Grace that men cannot see. So be it.”