Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 27, 1976


“But every night I say to God:

‘If I failed You today, God, give me another

chance tomorrow, because I truly felt I was

listening to everything You wanted. If I

displeased You, tell me gently, for I could not

bear to have You be harsh with me.’

And I always add:

‘Give man the strength to have the Faith to see the need, for no one could build Your City all by himself. You have given me a job, God. I need all the help I can get, and I know there’s times during the day I fret, but know that when I’m fretting I’m loving You even more, because part of the fret is my inefficiency, my littleness to do more.

I’m sorry, God, if I’ve hurt You in any way, but know that I’ll probably do it again tomorrow because, do not forget, God, You made me this way. Now when I stand before You and You look in Your Book, please God, erase the debt, for You see, I was little when You chose me, and the only way I grew was through the love of serving, in every day and move. I know the task is big and I know there are many, many children You want to touch. Put me where You want me and show me what to do, and God, please remember, I owe my life to You. So be it.'”