Saint Tobias

c. 8th century BC

Saint Tobias

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 21, 1992 at 1:05 pm


“In your day not many people speak My Name openly. I am Saint Tobias. I am so happy to be able to speak through this Miracle of Hope.

All of Us Here want so much for mankind to fully understand the benefits that are being passed to man by The Father’s Will, through a small instrument of His, that is beneficial for the whole world. Great inventions of modernistic ideas cannot compare to the Greatness of This Miracle to earth from Here.

Mankind, in many ways, has separated totally the importance of purity of mind, body and Soul, from all the things that are destructive to this issue, to this behavior that involves every individual’s Soul.

So many times The Father hears, ‘Have mercy on me, God,’ but how many times does man say: ‘I will repent. I will seek only Your Will in my daily way of living, in all my example. God, help me to be merciful to others. God, help me to be a strength of sound morality to others. God, help me, through my example, to help the Souls of others become Great Saints’?

This Miracle is Divinely Designed and it is through Divine Will It reaches you.

Mankind goes to many places to find treasure. He is exhilarated when he finds something from the past that has History connected to it. I want you to know you are the beholders of the Greatest Treasure man could ever have, and that is the Soul that is within you. Take care of It, nourish It, treasure It, and constantly be aware of protecting It. You do not have to go to faraway lands to find a great treasure. You contain It within you. It is your Personal Connection to The God of All Things, The Creator of All Things.

It is so important for mankind to begin to realize why God created mankind and the Magnificent Goal that He has placed for mankind to reach. Throughout the world, men, women and children are racing around, trying to find experience, enjoyment, new ideas, great goals. I do not say, ‘Stop these things,’ but I do say, ‘You must be conscious of, and aware of, that within you, you hold the Greatest Treasure in the world, your Soul.’ Protect It, guard It from all wrong, and remember to return It to The Father the way He requests It to be returned, in Purity, Happiness and a Beautiful Glow. So be it.”