Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 15, 1972 at 4:30 pm


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, as I speak through this child I speak with Heavenly Grace, with Heavenly Desire, with Heavenly Will. You partake in a Miracle designed by God. For the first time since a long time ago, God The Father is teaching Wisdom so children will better understand their role, the Purpose of their lives.

I come to you on this day. I am Saint Joseph. Many children throughout the world have heard My Name and they have heard the part I played a long time ago. So many, though, do not understand what God wants now of them, so God is sending Me to the world through a child such as you. This is to show mankind My Willingness to obey and My Trust in God’s Way. This, My children, is Example for your day.

I heard you speak of this Great Hill for Me. Man will come from all over the world to see it and to partake in it. The Graces have poured into this Magnificent Hill for centuries, and those who walk upon this Hill will feel the Grace, they will be given Hope, and it will renew their Faith in God’s Way. Every edifice on this Magnificent Hill will serve a special purpose in a particular place.

When a child enters the gates, he will feel a Welcoming Hand. He will not see it as God’s, but it will be His; and as the children walk through these hills to pray at the different coves, and to participate in the way The Son walked, they will feel a Power unfold. Some will feel a great need to confess. Some will feel a great need to start anew, and some will feel that the rest of their lives must be in service to God, for He Is All Real.

Men have prayed years for a Miracle such as This. The Heavenly Father places It amidst mankind in a place close to you. You are Blessed. All The Saints in Heaven will be seen on this Hill. It is God’s Will. And one day men will write books about this Hill and about the trust and obedience and Faith it took to accomplish this Hill. Many books will be written on the History of this Hill. Many books will be written with the knowledge that will be instilled on this Hill.

The Bible History that will be taught will be to a degree you cannot guess, you cannot see, you cannot feel. Each edifice will depict a particular story, truth, that The Heavenly Father wants children to know.

The Pilgrim House will show mankind the Value of the Angels, and of course, the Beauty of Saint Michael with His Sword. The Sword is His Love for God and through this Sword He is ready to defend, at all times, God’s Words. Men will get to know this Sword and they, in seeing It, will desire to carry one just like It.

There are so many places on this Hill that will give men hope; one, the hospital. The Heart of The Divine Son will show to all the children who enter, and It will give hope, for there will be stories all around, showing how The Divine Son, Who was My earthly Son, gave His Love; the suffering that He did was proof of His Love. His Heart will glow and the Tabernacle will be suspended here from the Rays of His Heart, and children will see the value that suffering can hold.

As men fly overhead they will see the Beads lit up and they will say, ‘I should pray those Beads.’ It will make men think. Oh, My children, this is a Hill of Light. Men are saying out loud, ‘I want The Holy Ghost to come inside, I want the enlightenment He can give,’ but they are seeking it in the wrong way. The True Light from The Holy Ghost gives children the desire to love God more His Way. It alerts children to the Purpose of life, to the Creation God made.

Children will walk through the edifice in Honor of The Beloved Mother of All. Each one will see the Beads of Hope, the Beads that are destined to release Souls; the Beads that were given to men, always to pray upon; the Beads She loves to hear Her children say, repeating again and again, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace.’ The Crucifix at the beginning and the end of these Beads around Her Edifice will be one of such great beauty, and it will show mankind the Beauty of His Love.

Oh, My children, this Hill will radiate love. It will give life Purpose and it will show man hope. This Hill must never be interfered with by any man; and no man’s thoughts, dreams, ideas, must go into this Hill until God says. He designed the Plan. There are so many coves to be on this Hill, depicting the lives of Particular Ones God chose. These places will be places of prayer for children to kneel and to learn about the Saint there. There will be places for children to rest, to enjoy the quiet, to enjoy the beauty of God’s world. No place in the world will be as this, for God has designed it so.

Thousands of children will work on this Hill, and some will walk in a frivolous way, and some will walk in doubt as to the truth of this Hill, and some will say, ‘I hope some of it rubs off on me today,’ but what all these children do not know is that the Graces in this Hill are God’s Love to all.

There will be many men who will fight this Hill and say, ‘It is someone’s dream.’ Yes, this is true, God’s; and many men will try to connect man with this Hill, and no man is to ever have credit for this Hill. It is totally God’s.

I could go on and on about this Hill. There are too many issues to be solved before the completion of this Hill.

And through the child I speak with Love, and I say, ‘Ask yourselves today, if The Heavenly Father appeared before you now and asked a favor of you, would you reject Him, would you accept Him, or would you make excuses to Him and choose the world?’ All through time God has chosen children in the way of mankind to fulfill His Way, His Will, to help others.

In the time I lived, We were chosen to walk a particular path for a particular purpose. It was not easy all the time and nowhere could it say it was, but We knew there was a Greater Power than Us, and We prayed daily to It. When the Angel appeared at different times, I knew it had to be God’s Will. I knew that obedience and trust were the main ingredients for My Soul to one day reach My Father Up Above.

Oftentimes Mary and I would speak of the way We had to walk, the way We were requested to walk, and We found a Heavenly Peace. I do not say We did not have unhappy moments, for We did. The illness that came Our way was sometimes shocking in its way, and as We cared for Each Other and others that We knew, We prayed their lives be spared and We requested help to do the things We knew We had to do.

It is no different in your time, it is no different with you. You walk as man, you have a will, and you, too, have been given the chance to use your will to do God’s Will or just follow as you will. No man in the world has a power all his own except the power of his will to do right or wrong. No man can make a life as it really is, and no man can ward off death of the physical if the time is then for him. So would you not say, My children, that the power that you have is in the will, as you live in the way of man, as you work in the way of man, as you love in the way of man, as you are in the way of man?

I come to the earth through a child such as you. This child is weaker than most in the physical, and yet through her the Will of God will be seen, It will be heard, It will be shown, and It will be taught. Ask yourselves, My little ones, what answer you would give if He were to ask you to walk the road He asked the child to walk and yet live. This Miracle of Mine has been set forth among mankind to show the Light that God gives.

I bless you with God’s Love. I bless you with Hope. I bless you with Truth. I bless you with Obedience. I bless you with My Mantle to protect you in your decision. So be it.”