Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 14, 1973 at 2:23 pm



I will tell you what I see. Around Our Lady’s Hill I see about two thousand children, this size. At the top of the hill, above a particular tree, Our Lady stands, smiling lovingly at the children at the bottom of the hill.


“One day these children will grow to the size of men and women, but before that time, I desire each of them to learn to become a Saint. Some of them are willful, some of them very negligent, some of them quite stubborn, some of them very reverent, some of them indifferent to God’s Light. But as I stand here above this tree, I want each of them to come to Me openly, lovingly, hopefully, and interested in becoming a Saint. If My Chapel is not built The Father’s Way, the number of these children that will be lost to the evil one, God’s enemy, could be the total number who stand here now and look to Me.

My sons, I beseech you from Heaven Where I am, to see that the building is done according to The Father’s Plan so that these children will not have to stand at the foot of the hill, but will have the opportunity to come in and pray to Me, to understand the Important Times of My Life; so they can feel the warmth of The Holy Eucharist and Its Light; so they can look to My Beads, many in number, and see the practicality of being good, modest, and reaching for purity.

I speak through this child because it is The Father’s Will. I speak through her and I say: ‘See that this place is built. It will give Strength to the world, Purpose to men, Hope to all, and Light against sin. It will teach The Father’s Way. It will teach The Father’s Love. It will teach The Father’s Will for men.’

I could stand here all day and talk to you, My children. I could teach you without one moment of separation, but your little physicals are as the children at the bottom of the hill. You would become tired, listless, and you could not retain All the Things that I would say to your will.

So I bless you with Love and I say to you, ‘As I stand here above this tree, I want a Chapel to surround Me, so that millions of children will have the opportunity to pray, to do, to love, to learn, to seek, to know, to reach, to touch, to be a Saint Here with Me.’ So be it.”