Saint Jude

1st century AD

Saint Jude

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 22, 1972 at 7:37 pm


“My children, a long time ago your Creator, your God, your Love, designed the Salvation for you. In the first move in this direction, He sent a Divine Son to give you life. And when this was done, the world you live in progressed along the way, in the way of man, and at different times there were many struggles, many heresies overcome. You now live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. You live in a time when only The Heavenly Father can help you.

Oh, My children, God again is sending Salvation to mankind: First, through This Miracle of The Beloved Son, Saint Joseph, and then, He is giving another Great Grace to man. The Heavenly Father has called this Great Grace ‘a Hill of Hope’, ‘a Hill of Love’, ‘a Hill of Life’ for man. As it was experienced and expressed in the Time of The Divine Son upon a Hill, it will be expressed again on another Hill.

The Hill of Calvary was the Hill of Hope for all mankind. And now again, The Heavenly Father has designed another Hill to be, and this time this Hill will be called ‘The Hill of Hope’, to free mankind to live Eternally with The Divine Three. This Hill, My children, will open its arms, for they will be God’s Arms. This Hill has Grace within it, pouring within the grain of ground, and the sand that is on this Hill is mixed with soil and every grain has Grace. There must be no turmoil upon this Hill. And God has designed this Hill to be among you. He has placed this soil in a place close to you.

I am Saint Jude, and The Heavenly Father has asked Me on this night to come to speak of this Hill of Hope, for this Hill will give you strength, just to know about this Hill, where God has planted Grace.

Upon this Hill there will be a Basilica in Honor of The Beloved Saint, Saint Joseph. He will stand at the top of this Hill and He will extend His Hand, drawing you close to The Holy Trinity.

Our Heavenly Mother will be on this Hill and She will pour out Grace to those who say the Holy Rosary in His Way. And around Her Chapel there will be all the decades, all the reminders, all the memories, and when you little children go by and say the prayers, The Heavenly Mother will bless you with Grace, for you see, My children, the prayers you say will save Souls and draw Souls This Way.

There will be a special room called ‘the Room of Hope, the Room of Saints’, and in this place All Saints will be shown, letting you know how They walked the way in the human form, in the physical way, as you do in your day. Sainthood was not just for These; Sainthood is for you. How will you respond to the request to be a Saint? And in this place, My little ones, you will get a chance to see that there are Many Saints in Heaven Who walked, perhaps, much like thee.

And down this Hill there will be a place, a place of hope, a place run by men who work the physical way, and they will be Blessed for their love for God, and they will constantly save the physical, with His Help, with His Love; and as they protect the physical way, they will be asked to teach children God’s Way.

There will be another edifice on this Great Hill of Hope and this will be a Monastery of men, dedicating their lives to God’s Plan.

There will be a Convent on this Hill, with women who say, ‘Let me walk the way as The Beloved Mother did one day.’

There will be a house to retreat in, a place where all children can go and stand on the Hill of Hope for short periods of time, to give them strength to go on and fight for truth in the world.

There will be another place on this Hill, a house for pilgrims to pass through, and no one is to be turned away from here, for The Beloved Saint Whose Honor this Hill speaks out with, and in, says, ‘Turn no one away as We were one day.’

The arms surrounding this Hill will be lights depicting the fifteen decades of the Holy Rosary, and nowhere in time did man ever expect Someone from The Divine to speak out so direct regarding a place such as this, but I ask you, My children, to compare the two Hills: Calvary, the Hill of Hope, and you will see similarity and you will see Light.

The time has come when The Beloved Saint Joseph must become known throughout the world. His Name must be Honored and Revered, and all mankind must see Him and know how He walked in the world, loving God above all things.

Ask yourselves on this night: ‘Who do I love most, my God Who created me, my loved ones whom I love and live with, or do I love myself above all things?’ Many of you will have to question your answers, many of you will have to say, ‘I love myself, for I feel hope only in myself, I feel strength only in myself.’ This is a sad way, My children. Keep in mind that God Alone is Strength and you are weakness.

You are loved much on this night, more than you can know. Keep in mind the Words that I have spoken and do not pass Them by, for one day each child here must walk on this Hill of Hope and absorb the Graces that are there.

I bless you with a Love Far Greater than you know; and as you pray My Way, you say, ‘Oh Jude, perform the impossible,’ and I also tell you tonight, ‘Nothing is impossible, God’s Way.’ I bless you with His Love for today. So be it.”