Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 28, 1973 at 8:21 pm


“My beloved children, the child will explain to you a Vision, a Vision that will give you strength to carry on. The Vision is one of many colors. It is a rainbow. She will describe to you the arc of it.”


There are Angels peeking all over the rainbow and there are Angels underneath the rainbow. And at the end of this rainbow are the jewels depicting the rays of light and color from these. The background is green.

Our Lady is standing in a green, like I’ve never seen a green before. There’s a Crown on Her Head and the Crown is gold. And in the Crown, there are diamonds that are shining. Oh my! They’re glowing out in all directions, like rays to the rainbow. The diamonds are in the Crown. The jewels are at the end of each side of the rainbow, and the Angels are all around on the top of the rainbow. Oh, my God! She has little gold sandals on Her Feet.


“Oh, My children, I speak so lovingly tonight to children who love Me. The world must know of This Great Miracle of Hope, The Miracle of Light, The Miracle of Color, The Miracle that will save thee. I look to the rainbow and I say: ‘He created the colors, the light of day. He created the jewels. He created all things.’ And now, upon the earth, The Heavenly King comes forward to say: ‘I want a portion of this great world back for Me. It will glisten like the jewels I created. It will be as a rainbow to man.’

The bridge that will join the physical with the Spiritual will be as a rainbow, in connection of all things. All children who cross this bridge will not feel Christianity, but every step they take will give them the feeling of reality.

The children who walk in to see the Beads of My Way, of My Love, will automatically touch more than one and wonder what it is made of. It will come from the water, for you see, it is called ‘mother-of-pearl’, and I love it dearly, for more reasons than I can say. I have chosen this to be in the Chapel in My Honor, where the bridge will connect The Heart of The Son with Me.

And now I take the child on a small trip, a trip around a particular place where all men will see what My Son did and why; and also, they will see The Host He left for each of thee. The Sacraments will be practiced here: the Sacraments of Love, the Sacraments of Penance, the Sacrament of The Holy Eucharist. And men will begin to honor, once again, the vocation of life. Men will begin to see the magnitude it is to stand in following The Son of The Holy Trinity, and men will see the beauty of sacrifice. And men will begin to teach Bible History. Men will begin to hand to each other the Beauty of Christianity.

I bless you with My Love. And I release the child slowly, for the Vision I have allowed to be will be remembered, put down on paper, for you see, History is being made. Through This Great Miracle of Hope, History is being shown to the world.

‘Stories From Heaven,’ men say, ‘it cannot be.’ And I, your Heavenly Mother, Who participates each day in the Magnitude of This Miracle, I say: ‘How else could children learn in such a beautiful way? How could they remember? for you see, children of all ages remember stories.’

I love you more than you can ever know. I love you because you’re His, and I love you when you sacrifice. And keep in mind, cling to the Beads, cling to My garment, cling to the rainbow; but be sure, when you do, the rainbow is His. So be it.”