Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne
Saint Joachim

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 12, 1973 at 8:17 pm



I will tell you what I see. It’s Saint Anne. And, when I went like this before, it was because She put Her arm around me, looked down into my face and said: “The night will be over soon, My child; the night you often dread.” She’s looking around. There’s Someone in back of Her but I cannot see Them. They are not visible to me yet. It’s Saint Joachim.


“Come, Joachim, We must teach the children the proper Way, the proper Light, the proper Move, the proper Sight. We must tell them of the physical life and what it must give them in this Light. There are so many children in Your midst now who desire to have happiness, who desire to do God’s Will. This is right.

Joachim, tell the sons the Beauty and the Magnitude of a Particular Son Who walked with Our Beloved Daughter in the way of the world.”


“Yes, My beloved Anne, I will speak out through this child, to give men, firsthand, the knowledge We know.

A long time ago, We walked the earth, this beloved Saint and I. We had a Daughter Who was married to a Man Who had a great birthright. They were destined to be remembered through all time because of a Special Task God placed upon Them from The Divine. The road was not easy nor was it paved with all Light, but upon this road They walked in the physical way, They were guided by Divine Light, only in the manner of Command, and it was up to Them to follow God’s Plan. It had to be this way for all men.

Many times, when We would hear of Their traveling far and near, We would become upset, for you see, We, too, cared. At the time We did not know that These Children, Whom We loved so, were guided by this Great Light. And so it is, My children, in This Beloved Miracle of This Beloved Son, you are being guided by Divine Light, by Divine Promise, by Divine Source, by Divine Means, with Divine Purpose in mind.

Children of all ages must hear of This Great Miracle of Him. Children of all ages must begin to understand that this great mound of soil, bearing His Name, is for all men, all colors, all races, all creeds. I, Saint Joachim, say: ‘Teach children to love this place, and when they walk onto it they will feel The Saints’ Way, for many lives will be depicted here, much Truth will be given firsthand here. And, as the children see the scenes, follow the paths designed by God Himself, they will feel the History, ‘Bible’ in name. And God has set aside a place, a museum to be, to teach children all over the world the beauty, the way of Church History.’

‘It is,’ you say, ‘not natural for a Saint to speak out in such a plain way.’ I, Saint Joachim, say, ‘How better could you learn than in such a natural, sensible, simple, sincere way?’ If I were to use Words you could not understand, you would lose the thought, for you are man. So I come from the Heavens and I say, ‘Simplicity is always The Father’s Way.’ He did not say to Joseph long words in description in how He must walk. All He said was, ‘Joseph, take care of Her and the Child I gave.’ Simple, that is true. Can you but understand the humility The Father showed in allowing His Son to be born to man?

And now, once again, in the world in which you live, in the time in which you live, God once again says, ‘I come through a child to teach you My Way, to extend My Hand, to teach you My Wisdom, My Way.’ Oh, My children, this is humility beyond what man can know, The Father Himself teaching you and you and you and you and you, firsthand — not a trick, not a facade, not a story, not a dream, not a desire, not an imagination, but a Truth both unseen and seen.

I bless you and I say, ‘Remember the Story, remember the way, remember the Magnitude of Their walk, remember the obedience They followed a long time ago.’ It is being done again for men throughout the world. Can you deny such a Plan? It is nothing but a repeat for the good of man. It is a parallel to much before. There is no exaggeration in God’s Plan.

The beloved Saint Anne, and I, Saint Joachim, bless you and I say: ‘More things are written in the Book Here in Heaven than you know. The Book has more Truth, more Light, more History than any book man can show, for you see, in this Book, started the Creation of the world. Is there any book you know greater than this — the Book of Heaven, the Book designed by God, written by Him and kept by Him?’ So be it.”