Saint Bernadette

1844 - 1879

Saint Bernadette

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 16, 1972 at 11:59 am


“My children, I come to children of all ages on this day. I am Saint Bernadette.

As I speak through this child, I speak in a loving way and I say, ‘The Ground on which you stand has been Blessed by The Father, as it was in My day a long time ago.’ I, too, stood on ground in a humble way, and I, too, had to say, ‘This Ground is special to God in every way.’ And I, too, had to be humble, for you see, it is not easy to stand before the world and say, ‘God has chosen me to say that this Ground has been Blessed by The Holy Trinity.’ But you, as you stand here on this soil, must know that all the places here have been planned by The Father to help children of all ages, all colors, all creeds, come to Him.

There are many edifices on this Great Ground that will be for the comfort of children and will give the children time to settle down, time to stand in the world and not be part of it; time to see the Beauty of Heaven, time to kneel to The Heavenly Father at all times of the day and night; time to say to The Beloved Mother, ‘I love You, and I have found a renewed strength in Your Light’; and time to walk in a Room of Saints and time to say, ‘I would like to follow that way,’ for you see, My children, there will be a Great Room here, teaching children the way to become a Saint, oh yes.

And then there will be a place for children to lay their heads and say: ‘I love You, God. Thank You for this Place. Thank You for this day. Thank You for the privilege of coming this way.’ For children will come from all over the world and drink of many things upon this land. They will eat and have repast time to give them strength to go on again.

And, oh, My children, there are so many things here for you that you cannot see, for you see, they are hidden from your view, but they are to direct your Soul to The Holy Trinity, they are to make you a Saint. So I ask you on this day to have Faith. So be it.”