Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 4, 1972 at 9:55 am


“My children, it is a joy to Heaven to hear children plan God’s Way and to desire to do only His Will for this Great Hill. The Hill, in its design, will show men of all kinds proof, proof of His Generosity, and it will give mankind hope for Sainthood. There are so many things to be on this Hill; a Basilica in Honor of The Holy Trinity, with a Place of Honor for Me. All men must recognize the Magnitude, the Meaning of The Holy Trinity, and it is God’s Will that I be there for men to see.

When man looks at this Great Room dedicated to The Heavenly Queen, man will feel the beauty of womanhood and to the purpose God gave it to be. Man will see the dignity that God placed woman in. Man will recognize that God showed all men the beauty of Creation when He chose a Woman to bear His Son, to give man life in Eternity. The Example that was shown is to be talked about and delivered constantly.

That Great Room of Saints, oh, how beautiful it will be. They will All be there, to be recognized as walking the physical road and then entering Here. Man will enter this room and he will see the physical appearance of many men. He will be told of the roads they took, the action they gave, and the love they showed. Man will be told about these Great Faiths in a Divine Power that made men do things unnatural, because of such dedication and love for The Supernatural. The walls will show an elegance of charm, a Heavenly Peace. The walls will tell stories so men can see facts. The walls will be solidly lined with Heaven’s Way.

Oh, My children, this Hill is one of such Greatness, such Beauty. The men on the Hill will be dedicated to God in a special way. There will be a sign saying:

‘Thy Will, my God, not mine, Thy Will be done by me. Let my will be used to perpetuate Your Will for the good of the Soul, for the Glorification of all Souls.’

There will be a group of men bearing the Name of Saint John Vianney. Ah, these men will stand out on this Hill and they will lead pilgrims to the top of the Hill.

There will be psalms sung honoring The Holy Trinity. There will be psalms sung honoring The Heavenly Queen. There will be songs to The Saints, praising Their way, desiring to follow Their way. There will be prayers said daily, nightly, asking The Holy Trinity to help those who are ill, to stand by the dying, and to release Souls from Purgatory, to let all Souls enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There will be prayers for the conversion of the sinners. There will be prayers to soften the cold, hard hearts of so many, to make their heart warm with love for God. There will be prayers asking The Beloved Holy Trinity to rid the world of satan, for he is all despair, destruction. There will be prayers thanking The Holy Trinity for the privilege of the physical life, for the privilege to one day be a Saint. There will be prayers praising God for His Love. There will be prayers requesting to love God more His Way.

There will be a Pilgrim House here, unlike the one Mary and I stayed at, but this one will be of your times, of your day, where men will come and stay while they are here. They will feel the Power of the Hill, the Grace that the Hill bears, and they will feel a need to pray. They will become so absorbed in the story of this Hill, in the design of this Hill, the truth of this Hill, in the purpose of this Hill, that they will not want to go away. It will be what God instills in them when they are on this Hill that will bring them to His Feet one day. Prayer will be evident all over this Hill, not emotional prayer, but prayer of peace, tranquility, love, kindness.

Every act that is to be performed on this Hill will be an act of love for God, for the good of a Soul. Man will learn on this Hill, the Important Part of himself, the Soul, the Part that must come to Eternity. Man, in his love for this Hill, will suddenly realize that he wants to do only God’s Will.

There will be a special edifice here. It will be a hospital, a place for the sick to come. It will be a place of refuge, it will be a place of hope, it will be a place of dedication. It will be a place of learning. It will be a place that when man enters, he will feel God’s Grace, not fear. He will feel himself be enfolded in the Arms of Heaven Itself. It will give him strength for he will be served by men and women who care about God.

No Man Is To Work On This Hill Who Does Not Love God. I Say This And I Mean This — Only Those Who Want To Do His Will. The others must come, but the work must be done by those who love Him and His Will.

As it was described, a man has been chosen to head, to lead the men in the way of Saint John Vianney, the man who must be humble in his tasks, who must show love for God above all things, who must lead the men in this Hill so that they will, in turn, lead others. This beloved Saint will stand in every place on that Hill and He will speak through the men who walk his way; and when a child wants to be cleansed in the Spiritual way, Saint John will instill peace, cleansing, love, and spur the child on to go all the way to God without delay.

Other men have been and will be chosen to stand on this Hill in special places. A physical healer of the body has been chosen. He must stand in this place in service for the rest of his days.

This Hill will be coordinated, that all things will have easy access to. This Hill will stand out like a beacon to the sky, to the land. This Hill will show God’s Love.

There will be a path on this Hill for those who are physically ill and this path will be a busy path. This path will be a path of love for many men to serve The Father. This path will give men hope, this path will heal Souls.

The beloved prayer that will encircle this Hill will always be there. This prayer says, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace’, and when man says this prayer, he will absorb the Grace that has been placed in this Hill by God, for in these words, man says, ‘I believe in Her, I believe in Grace,’ and when man says, ‘The Lord is with Thee’, man will receive more Grace, for this is Faith, belief in what God did, and when man says, ‘Blessed art Thou among women’, All Heaven will rejoice at this. ‘Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb’; oh yes, My children, the Innocence of Her Way bore the Greatest Fruit the world has ever known, the obedience of Her Way, the trust. And all through time, God has shown mankind the Importance of these things, but man seems to set it aside; and now, God is showing man, in the eye, to the eye, with the eye, the Importance of these things.

Men will walk on this Hill, calling to The Father, and they will say, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven.’ This line alone, My children, says you believe that He is there for you to one day see. The line alone says there must be a Purpose to life, and each time you say these words you will be blessed with Light.

The entrance to this Hill will be one of great beauty. The statuary that will be there will be a welcoming sign of love.

On this Hill there will be a place set aside for men to walk the path The Divine Son did before He died in the physical way. And these places will not be made of cold stone nor will they be made of a hard metal. They will be manlike in form, and show man how it really was on this path of sorrow, this path of agony, this path of degrading The Son of God. It will make men know that this path had meaning. This path He took was not a cold path, but a path of emotion, a path of fear, a path of, totally, dedication to God, for no man could have withstood the agony. Only love for God could have spurred Him on to the end. Man must begin to see this. Man has begun to deny this, has put it aside, for he does not want to think of sadness. No, he just wants to look at the frivolous side; but these places, these stops, will refresh man’s memory, for so much of this path has lost its meaning through time. Believe Me, My children, Heaven has not forgotten the path, for it was this path that has allowed Heaven to be opened for all mankind.

The men designated to fulfill God’s Will, will work hard, for there will be many who will object to this being done. There will be many who will fight hard for it to not be accomplished, for they will not see God’s Will for Me. There will be men who will say, ‘There is no need,’ and there will be others who will wonder, ‘Could it be?’ but what man will not see is the Power of God standing above this Hill, preparing it for children to come, all over the world, to be a part of.

As I speak through this child, I am in the Heavens. From this day on, the child will have little rest where This Miracle must be. I will send her away sometimes so she will gain strength to serve The Holy Trinity.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with the Hill of Hope that will bear My Name, for man to come to Eternity, for man to be a Saint in the Realm of Heaven, for man to one day see the Beatific Vision. So be it.”