Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 19, 1972 at 11:21 am


“In the Creation of man, God thought of all things. Each organ of the body has a special purpose, a special place. Would this, then, not show man the perfection of the design, the necessity that took place? God has designed all things, His Universe; but keep in mind, My children, that His last Creation was man, and this in itself should prove to man God was not dependent upon man to create anything. Keep this close to you, My children, so when you feel pride and ego inside, know that you are not the creator but the instrument.

I will now describe to you a Plan God has to save mankind, to help man be reminded of the Purpose of his life, the Beauty of the Soul. When God created the world, He created special places. You have heard of some, you are aware of others, but now I come from the Realm of Heaven to tell you of the latest one, and this one is to give man hope.

The Hill has been found that is to show mankind God’s Generosity, God’s Love. Upon this Hill All Heaven will be seen in the Glory that It is, in the Beauty that It is. This Hill will have a Place of Honor at the top of it for The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who was My Spouse upon the earth. The Place in His Honor will be in the form of a Cross, for all men to be reminded of the Part He took in fathering The Child Who was to bear the Cross to save the world. The Heavenly Father has designed this place. It is of all woods. It is magnificent.

There is a Place in My Honor. It is in the shape and the form of a crown, to show children all around, the Crowning that took place in Heaven.

There will be an edifice to house All The Saints. All will be seen, All will be shown in the way They walked. You will learn much in this edifice, My children, and much Love will be given to all men who enter here.

God did not just think of the Spiritual on this Hill, for upon this Hill will be another place, helping the physical, and in this way, man will see the Generosity of God, the Beauty that He is.

A group of men will be in the Monastery here and they will be the core of this Hill. They will be the servants of God to do His Will, to help mankind, to help children, all ages, all colors, all creeds, to see the Beauty of God. And I will gather women to follow in modesty and purity, to follow in Grace, to follow in service, dedicated to The Holy Trinity.

There will be a house of retreat, an edifice where you can go to shed the world for awhile, and you can feel the Glow of God, the Beauty of Him.

There will be a place, My children, for children to come from all over the world to stay in, to feel the Magnificence of this Hill, and to learn while they are there, the History of God’s Way, the Purpose of life.

I bless you and I say: ‘God has not forgotten you. It is you that has forgotten God, and so He gives you this place to renew your love for Him, to grow in love with Him, and He also will show you the Beauty of Sainthood, for here He will pay Honor to a Son Who walked in obedience and trust, for a Son Who trusted solely in God’s Way.’

Keep in mind, My children, The Holy Eucharist, the Gift that It truly is, and do not let scruples keep you away from receiving It.

I bless you with the Rosary I hold dear, and I say: ‘The Beads are the passage to Here. Walk them every day.’

I speak through a child such as you. I speak in a manner you understand, and I pass on to you God’s Love and I say, ‘Love Him so much that every moment of the day you will be ready to obey Who He Is, and His Command.’

I bless you and I say: ‘I have come to you in a Love today you cannot know. Beware, My children, of those who walk the evil one’s way.’ So be it.”