Saint Michael

Saint Michael

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 8, 1974 at 1:56 pm


“My beloved children, We Here in the Heavens smile through this child, for you see, it is truly a time of great agony Here in the Heavens because upon the earth she fights so alone; and We smile and say, ‘Go ahead, child, fight strong.’ You, My sons, must understand that to walk upon the earth and fight in the way that this child does, as man, takes a greater strength than you know. Carry a Sword, use it well, and know that the Sword is your love for The Father, above all.

You have been Blessed many times on this Great Hill, through This Great Miracle. I am Saint Michael. One day My Chapel will be above you, and as I stand there I will look to the other hill, for I will guard it on this side and guide you there for the sake of your Soul.

I speak through this child and I say to all men throughout the world, ‘Be aware of how you pray, how much you pray, and how you feel each day.’ If you become ill, you immediately become frightened. What if I were to say to you now, ‘I am holding a mirror and I am showing you your Soul’? How many of you would turn your head, want to run away or die from the sight of It? Because, you see, It is shaded according to your will: your will to love, your will to give, your will to serve, and yes, your will to do His Will as long as you live.

It is I, Saint Michael, Who speaks through this child, and I say, ‘There is more Power surging through her body than any electric current in any day.’ So, as I bless you with God’s Love, I bless you with the Sword of Truth and I say, ‘As My Sword touches your head, I want you to think of the privilege of the human way.’ And as I touch your breast, I touch your heart with His and I say, ‘Let the warmth of His Heart beat with yours each day.’ And as I cross your shoulders with the tip of the Sword, I say, ‘Let the Light of the Wisdom and the Hope of the Heavens be your way every day.’ So be it.”