Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 15, 1972 at 2:08 pm


“I, Saint Joseph, am aware that when this Great Hill is accomplished God’s Way, no hill could ever compare. Children will come from all over the world and try to imitate it, which is good. But oh, My children, upon this Hill, My Son, Who is now My Father, placed His Heart in one of the hills. You would suspect that the hill would be where the Basilica is planned to house The Holy Trinity. Not so. The Heart was placed where the hospital will be, where the Chapel must stand, for you see, God loves the physical. He created it and it is the children’s means to be used to one day become a Saint.

So, as you stand upon this Hill of Hope, know that The Heart is in it, on a particular knoll. Children will arrive at that gate, hopeful in their fate, and God will say, ‘Have Faith, I am with you.’ The Chapel on this Place, planned by God Himself, will be large enough for children to be rolled in, on all kinds of man-made shelves; and here, twenty-four hours a day, The Holy Trinity will be exposed for men to come and pray, for men to lean upon in a special way, for men to feel the Hand of God in the darkest hour, any way.

So, My little ones, I, Saint Joseph, come through this child to give you not only My Love, but the Love of The Holy Trinity. It is not only the Soul God cares about, but the body He made, His Creation all about.

You are Blessed much, My little ones, for children who have sacrificed much to bring this day about. Never let it be said that The Father is not Generous, that He does not Care, for He does.

So those of you, My little ones, who have come in doubt, you are Blessed by The Heart, Which was once My Son. And now, as He stands in the Heavens as The Second One, I stand obedient to Him. And He says to Me: ‘Father, Son, it is Your Time to go to the world and bless everyone. A child will be used as it was in the physical days. A child will speak the Wisdom of the Heavens to everyone. A child will spread Your Name. This is how The Father planned It.’ And I said to Him, ‘Let Thy Will be done.’

And so, My children, as you stand in the human way, have Faith, stand in obedience and trust, for all you are and all you have is God’s Gift to you. The physical is a temporary thing, but keep in mind, it will live on and on and on, in a way you cannot know, in a way you cannot understand. It is God’s Love. Never deny It, never betray It, never reject It, for when you do, you can become lost. God does not want that for you. As He is Generous to you, be generous to Him. As He extends His Hand through a child such as you, extend your hand to Him. As He projects His Love in a time when It is most needed, be sure that you, in your little way, thank Him.

I have come through this child to prepare the way for a Vision of Greatness that can only be God’s Way. The child is obedient totally to God’s Will. The child walks alone. The child walks for you. Do not stand so righteous that you cannot see the Beauty of the moment, God-given to each of thee. I draw her in a Power unknown to you. I have commanded her to walk where, to you, she is in full view. Through the years, she has learned obedience to God’s Way. Through time, she has given her will totally His Way. So, as she stands in human form, know this, My little ones, that the Word of God, the Way of Him, through her, stands firm.

Be blessed by My time with you and keep in mind the way I walked. And say to every man you meet, ‘I heard Saint Joseph talk.’ And as you do, you will remind others of the Coming of My Day, of the Will of God that was prophesied in another Miracle along the way. And until man understands and recognizes Who I Am, peace will not come to the world.

I hold her, as I often do, completely obedient to God’s Will, and through this, she will transfer to you a Vision seen only by her through the Eyes of her Soul, which, every moment of the day, whether she is at work or play, is evident to her. The Father uses every moment that she spends with children, to extend His Hand, extend His Love, extend His Power, and those who have experienced It, are well aware of It. You are Blessed, My little ones, with God’s Love on this day.”