Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 31, 1972 at 9:53 am


“The beauty that wood is will be seen in the main Basilica. The dome will be for all to look to the sky. This dome will depict the Beauty of Heaven. The many woods in this edifice will show the trade of The Son Who walked in obedience, trust, and love. It will also depict the tree that was used for The Divine Purpose: Me to hang upon. Wood will be evident for many reasons. First, because it was created by God and it has a beauty all its own. Secondly, it will show that many used God’s Own Creation to crucify His Own Son. Third, it will show the trade, the way of life Another Son walked in, using the Heavenly creation to take care of Us.

Oh, My children, all things in this great edifice will have a reason behind them, a purpose to them, and a story surrounding them. Man will go through, learning. Man will feel the Presence of God everywhere. Man will feel the warmth of his birth, the purpose of it. Man will recognize that as all things God created had reason, so also did the creation of him. You see, My children, man has lost sight of the Divinity, the Magnitude, the Generosity, the Love, that God has and that He Is.

The child walks a tightrope, yes, but only man will shake that rope, for it is the Strength of Our Hand that helps her stand strong, staunch, firm, in obedience and trust.

Many men will begin to come forward after the first announcement of this Hill of Love is made. Only We will be able to sustain the child through the blows to come.

I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘The edifice that will depict This Beloved Saint, where all men must honor Him, know Him, revere Him and love Him, will truly come into effect.’ So be it.”