Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother
God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 7, 1972




“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am your Heavenly Mother. Most times, when children hear about Great Miracles having been upon the earth, they hear about Them after They are long gone. They hear about the time They occurred and what happened at this time. But now, in the time in which you live, children are getting It firsthand from God Himself, from The Holy Trinity, in All and from All The Saints Here in Heaven Where I am.

This Miracle has been set forth upon the earth, My children, to save mankind, to give man strength, to give man hope, and to show man God’s Truth.

This Hill of Saint Joseph’s, that will be called ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope’, is to give mankind Bible History. All parts of this Hill have been designed by The Father Himself to give man His Truth, His Way. The entrance is to have a bridge of magnificent size, and upon this bridge Bible History will be shown. And as they leave the bridge, they will have touched on God’s Way, God’s Truth, all along. As many men stand in the center of this bridge, they will begin to feel the entering into another world. This must be a world of prayer, a world of reverence, a place for children to pray and to learn God’s Way. Children will come from all over the world.

And as you gathered today, you gathered in a natural way, not knowing the Magnitude of this Great Hill. Children must hear about this Hill. Children must know it is in existence. Children must know the necessity of this Hill, and children must know that it is Bible History. No man’s ideas will be in this Hill, for only God’s Way and God’s Will will show.

Oh, My children, as Here in the Heavens We heard the Holy Rosary come This Way, much Love went your way, and many Blessings, for you see, as the Angels Here sang with the choir there, and as the Rosary was said there, it was said Here with you in a way you cannot understand; but as I speak to you now, I say, ‘It is God’s Will, God’s Plan, that millions of Rosaries be said upon that Hill, millions of children stand and learn to pray, and millions of children must turn to the Bible Way.’

Do not forget, the bridge is the entrance. And around this Great Hill will be the Beads of My Love, for children to feel the truth of conviction, the Beauty of God’s Truth from Here Above.

I bless you and I say, ‘Children all over the world must once again get acquainted with The Saints Who are Here to stay.’ So be it.”


“My beloved children, if I had My Way, I would speak to all the children in the world at this moment, but to gather them all, I would have to take their wills, and this I will not do unless, of course, they will Me to.

My sons and My daughters, I gather you in My Arms at this moment and I say, ‘In many ways, My Will was done today.’ All Heaven rejoiced to see The Beloved Saint Joseph Honored and Revered in the manner you did this ceremony. It is only the beginning. It is only the first step to the Hill of Hope, to the Hill of Love. Thousands and thousands and thousands will begin from this point. You have only touched on the first thousand upon this Hill.

There were Seven Choirs of Angels singing above this group. And All The Saints joined in when the Blessing came about, and each Saint Here with Me now, requested the pleasure, the privilege of blessing each child on the ground. You did not see Them, you did not feel Them, but They were present at this time.

The news of this Dedication will spread quickly, as it must, and children will begin to ask: ‘What Hill? Who is Saint Joseph?’ And you must say, ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Love, designed by God to give the world hope.’

I will not compromise with any man upon this Hill. The child must not compromise, and those of you who are close to her know that thus far she has not compromised in any way, for you see, for this Hill to be as I Will it to be, for this Hill of Hope to save Souls for Me, all things must be done My Way, with My Purpose in mind, and in All Truth from The Divine.

The child, as she knows it must be, has to face thousands for Me. There is no Miracle in the world such as This, nor has there ever been. This is One Alone to save men. The child is well-prepared to go on for Me.

As I bless each child here in My Presence now, I bless you again and again, for you see, The Miracle of The Beloved Saint Joseph has taken hold. It has touched the hearts of many men. You stand in the core of the Greatest Miracle of all time. I say this, for you see, it is a personal connection between the natural and The Divine, and as I pick up this little fork of Mine to gather Souls for Me, I do it lovingly; and each time I do this, I say to her, ‘One more Soul, child, please.’

I bless you with My Love and I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with the Light that is all Mine. So be it.”