Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 22, 1972 at 7:49 pm


“My children, The Heavenly Father announced My Entrance to the world a long time ago. I was seen in a Vision in another place, holding The Child in My Arms, blessing the world. This was the First Announcement that one day I would return. The Time is now, the Place is here, and the Message does unfold. I, Saint Joseph, did appear at Fatima a long time ago, and now I’m here with each of you, announcing what God wants Me to.

The time has come for man to see the need for Truth, the need for The Holy Trinity. The time has come for man to serve God, to grow in love with Him, to kneel to Him, to pray to Him, to recognize the Magnitude of Him.

This Miracle of Mine is given to mankind to teach man the Dignity of The Divine, and to teach man the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist Which, My children, is The Holy Trinity. This Miracle for Me is a Teaching Miracle, is a Giving Miracle, so that man will begin to see the Purpose of the physical is not just to live in the world, but to spend Eternity with The Holy Trinity.

I come on this night and I plead with each of you, I beseech you to understand that This Miracle has a Great Purpose for man. As it was said, that in this realm of Purgatory, man has but one thing; that is hope. And now, This Miracle of Mine does come to the world to give man hope. The Heavenly Father goes to a great extent to give man hope. He has designed a Hill for Me, and upon this Hill there will be eight edifices. One will be a home to house children who will come from far away.

And as you walk up this Hill there will be a place to retreat from the world. This will be a place for children of all colors, all races and all creeds, to feel the Hand of God near them, and to learn Bible History; to retreat from the busy world, the sounds of your day, from the distress all around. It will be, in many ways, as the stable was to Us: a place of refuge, a beginning place, a place of truth, a place to learn how to do God’s Will.

And as you walk up this Hill, there will be a place in special dedication to the physical. God has designed this place to be, and the Altar here will be dedicated to The Sacred Heart of The Divine Son Who, as Man, walked with Me.

Upon this Hill there will be a group of men dedicated to Saint John Vianney, and in their work, and in their way, they will grow to Sanctity, but they will be placed upon this Hill to give order to this Hill. They will be the core of this Hill, and as they walk around the Hill they will be able to clothe you in many ways. They will be trained especially to save Souls for God one day.

Upon this Hill there will be a group of women dedicated to serve God ultimately. Their business on this Hill will be to help Souls, and to make things comfortable for man while man learns to pray.

You know, My children, the Hill is the Hill of Hope, and many men will fight this Hill coming God’s Way, for they will say there is no need for Basilicas, for edifices, for people to pray. Many men are gathering now, saying this very thing, and I ask you on this night, ‘Do you have to have hope?’ Of course you do, My children. Hope is strength, hope can give you life.

I take you on this Hill now and I open up the doors to a Magnificent Chapel called ‘the Room of Saints’, and in this place, all men will see that We did walk the human way, and We did obey God’s Will, for each day We tried to grow in love, His Way.

And now I take you to a Chapel, and in this place The Heavenly Mother will be, and around Her Chapel, fifteen Mysteries; and as you pray on each bead, and others also do, you will say ‘Hail’ to The Queen, and as you do, She will be so happy Here with Me, for Souls will be released from Purgatory. This is truly a Hill of Hope, My children, and one day it must be visible to the eye, and physical in being.

And now I take you up the Hill and another edifice stands tall, and the woods in this place say to all, the vocation of My Way. This great place will be dedicated to The Holy Trinity and God has said, a Place of Honor for Me. I beseech you, My children, pray that those men, who will fight this great place for men, will weaken and see God’s Will.

And all around this Hill there will be the Mysteries of Her Rosary, protecting this Hill, to bring you to Eternity. And when men fly overhead they will look down and be told that there is prayer going on, and they will feel the strength up in the sky where they are. And children will come from all over the world, for you see, the Hill is special to God and it has waited since the Crucifixion Day, being prepared for Me.

I bless you with Hope on this night and I bless you with more Faith, and I say: ‘Do not reject God’s Way, and do not follow man for he is weak. Keep in mind at all times that God is Strength, man is weakness. God is Hope, man can be despair. God is Love, man desires love.’ I ask you to take it from there. So be it.”