Saint Padre Pio

1887 - 1968

Saint Padre Pio
Saint Catherine of Siena
Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 26, 1973 at 8:24 pm



I will tell you what I see. I see Saint Athanasius. I see Saint Joan of Arc. I see Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Teresa of Avila; Saint Therese, “The Little Flower”; Saint Peter, Saint John, Saint Andrew; Padre Pio, He has the hood on. He said, “Ah, you have recognized Me.”


“It is true, My children, I stand Here in the Heavens with These Saints, and many times I say to God, ‘I do not deserve This Place in which You have put Me.’ And then, when I look at Him, I say, ‘Thank You, My God, for letting Me serve You in such a little way.’ ‘Teach children,’ He says to Me, ‘oh, teach them to love Me just a third Your way.’

I bless you and I say, ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.’


“My beloved children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena. The child, in many ways, walks as I walked upon the earth, telling what is Truth and delivering God’s Words. Men do not understand that when I walked the earth, I, too, had to command; I, too, had to deliver Things of Great Worth. I, too, had to say, ‘You are on the wrong path, do it another way.’ It was not easy for me. It is not now easy for the child to say. A delicate child was chosen by The Father so men would truly see the Magnitude of This Great Miracle for The Beloved Saint Joseph.

There are so many children that must work upon this Great Hill of Hope. There are so many children who are standing by, waiting for a great moment to occur. This does not always occur. God whispers and He says, ‘Follow Me.’ It was the same way when His Son walked the earth. He said, ‘Come, walk,’ and some followed, and what you do not know is that some did not. They decided to go another way. They decided that they did not want to take the chance and follow This Man Who spoke so fluidly.

Through this child, We speak and We say, ‘She is as a leader of a great army, for in the world today, you need it much.’ The beloved Saint Joan of Arc says, ‘Be a warrior, My children,’ and in this very place She knighted many men. She knighted them to walk. And what the girls did not know that were here then, that She gave them strength also, to go on. There are so many warriors needed. There are so many true Christians needed. There are so many martyrs that must be, for you see, you live in a time of, not Christianity, but just the opposite. You live in a time of man’s imagination running away with him, for you see, he wants acclaim among men.

I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say through this child today, ‘I am the beginning of a Vision Here for Others to come your way.’ The Beloved One, next to come, says, ‘Prepare them, Catherine, I want them to see.’ So be it.”

I see a cross standing about — He says “Three hundred feet off the ground.” And the cross is standing on the very spot where the Home for the Elderly will be. Our Lord is walking around a patio. It is of magnificent size. I have seen this texture of the material.


“In this place, My beloved children, many children will come, many children will begin to see the Value of the privilege, the privilege to be a human being. There will be no lost motion in this place, for I want all children to remember that The Heavenly Father allowed The Beloved Mother of Me to walk the earth many years to help others come Here to be with Me. My Grandmother, as you know to be your Heavenly Grandmother, also lived a very long life; and through Her teaching in this place, all men will begin to see the True Value of life. It is My Will it be done this way.

There are many reasons for this place: One is to teach the world My Love for the elderly. One is to show the young the beauty of age and what it brings: not waste, not delay, but useful times, service, I decree.

I want no man born to the world to feel unwanted. I want no man to waste time, for there is too much to be done for The Divine. I know that many times, at particular times, there is a great struggle, for those around who do not see the value of age, criticize, ridicule, cast aside; but I, The Son of The Father, have placed this home here for the beloved Heavenly Grandmother to govern from within.

Oh, My children, this Great Place is for the world to come to. This Great Place, the whole land, is to teach the world the physical, the Spiritual and the mental are important to Me. How can man truly say that I have forgotten what a terrible thing age is? How could I? My Mother and My Grandmother lived to an age.

It is true that I was taken from the world at an early number. It is true that My earthly Father also was taken from the earth at an early age, but this was for a definite reason, a particular purpose. His Love and His Obedience to God was so great that He would have changed the whole Plan and too much was at stake. No man truly knows what occurred at that time; but through this child, We are releasing small Bits so that man will begin to know the struggle at that time.

When My Beloved Father left the physical world, He was placed in a Particular Place; man would call It ‘Heaven’. I suppose, in a way, It was; but not the Heaven that is now open to all men in the world. I was The One first to enter the Kingdom of The Father, so My Beloved earthly Father had to wait. And when I rose on that particular day, the Angels sang. And as The Father greeted Me, Great Union was There that day. Of course, My first thought was My earthly Father had to come This Way, to begin His Work in a Special Way. The Heavenly Father said, ‘He will come, the time is now.’ So when the Beloved earthly Father of Mine was released to come Where We were, Where I stood, He looked at Me and He said, ‘Son, Father, let only Your Will be done.’

I bless each child present here now, and I say, ‘Let your number multiply by millions, for you see, I want to greet you also in Heaven Here with Me.’ So be it.”