Saint Martin
de Porres

1579 - 1639

Saint Martin de Porres

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1975 at 6:42 pm


“I am Saint Martin de Porres. Children do not understand when The Father speaks firsthand. They better understand when they read What He has said in a book, in a letter, in a form. But I come through This Miracle to give, not an evaluation, but a Valuable Point of Information.

The Father has given to the world a Miracle. Reasons for This Miracle are many: first, to teach children who now live, the Purpose of life, and The Rules, ones already given through another child, Moses by Name. There are many Biblical Stories men get excited over, for they feel the Divine Touch, the Divine Love and the Divine Truth that stabilizes these Stories.

This Miracle is to teach men how others lived and to give men the beauty of vocation of life; to teach men of all races, all colors, all creeds, that it is not the heritage as much as the will to give, to serve, and to stand in obedience to Divine Rule, that makes man a Saint.

All children love to hear beautiful words, love to read beautiful descriptions of how Those Who went before lived. Sometimes the stories are exciting; sometimes the stories just too beautiful. But now, We Saints come to the world to show that the natural was not as men depict it to be. We had the hardships to endure, We had the burdens to conquer and We had the obstacles to cross.

Men do not realize, when they write about Us, how these things were difficult in the time in which We lived. It is easy to read or to hear about sacrifice. It is different when you walk the path. It is easy to read about suffering, to hear another’s suffering given in the Name of The Father, but it is difficult to be the one who stands in that position of doing.

So many children throughout the world have imaginations untold. They like to imagine themselves as great people, High Saints; they love to imagine themselves as having world acclaim. I smile from the Heavens when I say this: There is nothing wrong with this attitude, desire; it is how you intend to gain it, how you intend to hold it, and for what purpose you desire it, or you have drive to have it.

There are so many things here on The Beloved Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope. First, you have The Beloved Father, and then you have that ever Beautiful Christ The King. Of course, The Heavenly Mother goes with These Two automatically, for She is truly Divine in every way.

You have a place where children will come and say, ‘It looks like there is a chance for me to become a Saint.’ We Here in the Heavens smile, for children do not realize that to become a Saint is far easier than they realize: first, obey The Rules; secondly, pray for purity, desire it, and then acquire it.

Oh yes, there is one other place on this Great Hill of Hope. Men will walk by it. They will not want to enter it, and We Here in the Heavens will say, ‘Go in, He is strong, He will capture your heart, and He will hand you the Sword of Love that you are trying to not see, not have, for once you are given it, it is difficult to not use it.’

The beloved Saint Michael’s Chapel will be a place for all mankind to see the Heavenly Delights: the Angels, the Beauty They are, the Magnitude They stand in, and the Joy They are to All of Us Here; the pleasure They give The Father, when, in an impish manner, They say things about children upon the earth, and He says, ‘What did You say?’ And then, They immediately change it from an impish way to a very straightforward look, and then tell Him, without a smile, what He is to know.

Of course, He knows it already, but They are the Little Deliverers, They are the Little Messengers and They are the Joy, for as They surround Him, They latch on to His Beauty and walk around in many ways. They are able to transport back and forth to the earth, to Him, every day, every moment, and this is His Gift to Them. Sometimes, One will run to Him and say: ‘Oh Father, oh King, the child down there is doing wrong. I tried to push it aside, but the child would not listen.’ And He says to Them, ‘Did the Guardian of that one remove the wall?’ And of course, They report accordingly.

So I, Saint Martin de Porres, have handed you a Touch of Heaven on this night, and also, I say: ‘Take care of This Great Miracle and do it with delight. Be an angel upon the earth. Be, not the impish one but the one who serves constantly, steadfastly, and don’t forget, be aware that whatever you do, whatever you say, there’s an Angel by your side, guarding you, guiding you, loving you, God’s Way.’ So be it.”