Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 4, 1972 at 3:35 pm


“Many men choose the path to be a prophet, and many men, in choosing this way, must follow another man’s way. When a child is chosen by God for a particular task, the child cannot be led in any way other than the one chosen by God for that day. Before you, My children, stands a child such as you, chosen to say My Words and chosen to transmit Heaven to you. I am Saint Joseph.

There are many, many facets to This Great Miracle of Hope, of Truth. You are standing on but one of them at this moment, and yes, there is much work for you to do. There are many, many things to be accomplished in small time, and I, Saint Joseph, ask you from The Divine to give your way now, and as you do, you will grow in love with God, His Way. I say these things because I, too, walked the way one day, and as I realized to truly love God, I must be obedient to all things and I must trust. When you leave this Hill of God, keep this in mind.

God has given you much Example to follow. He gave you His Son, Which was My earthly Son. He gave you The Heavenly Queen, Which was My earthly Spouse. He has pointed out to you particular facets of My Life to show you it was important that I walk it God’s Way; and now today, I hand this on to you: Walk totally in a service to God, totally in love with Him, and do not mistake the small love you have for the love you can truly gain, for only you can develop this love, and as you do, God will multiply it, and yes, always stand by you. This Hill is a Hill of Hope: Hope for man, Hope for the world; this Hill is God’s Hope for you.

I bless you with His Heart and I say, ‘It has been placed in the earth within the boundaries of this Hill, and it was done on a special day. The child saw it occur. This Heart was placed where the Chapel dedicated to It will be: in the hospital, to help the physical way.’ So be it.”