Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 7, 1972 at 6:30 pm


“Only God is aware of the needs of His children. So, in this knowledge He Is, He has designed a Place which He named as ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope’. Upon this land of His Choice, He has described, through a chosen Soul, What He Wills to be done here for the world to know.

The first place is an edifice to house The Holy Trinity, with a Place of Honor for The Beloved Saint Joseph. This edifice, designed by God, is to be of all types of woods. It is to be in the shape of the Cross that gave life to all men created by Him. Over the main Altar, a great Host will be evident, from the sky, to the world. God has designed this Great Place down to the minutest detail, to encourage His children to love Him more.

At the foot of this great Cross, a bridge will cross a ravine and upon this bridge the Ten Commandments will be known. This bridge has great purpose to it, for Each Commandment will be shown to man in the Truth, in the Magnitude it was given for man. Men will cross this bridge and begin to learn why These Commandments were chosen and to what degree God meant for Each of Them. This bridge will be called ‘The Examination of Conscience Bridge’ and it will make men desire purity.

Another edifice planned by God will pay much Honor to The Heavenly Mother. He has designed it as a great Crown, not oval, not round. Throughout this place, men will feel the Power of Grace, for it will be revealed to them everywhere. This edifice will stand out as a Crown of gold for men to feel the Beauty She beholds, the Place of Honor God has Her in. And the Rosary will encircle this, around the walls, so all men will better understand the Important Events named in the Mysteries, fifteen of them. This Great Place will also have God’s Will in every niche, corner, space.

Down the hill, on a special piece of ground picked by God, there will be a Room of Saints, showing the world God’s Love for the physical way. In this edifice men will see that through all vocations of life they can have the Goal of Sainthood, for you see, God, as The Creator of all men, designed all paths to Him.

In God’s Great Plan, He has designed a group of men to follow in a particular way, service to Him. Because of the sincere, simple, loving, serving way of the beloved Saint John Vianney, He has Named this Saint as the Keeper, as the Head of this great group of men to be organized as the core of this Great Hill, to serve Him.

A convent of women will give service to this Hill, to take care of the special Chapels and to work to help the physical.

A place to retreat to is planned by God to give man rest, so that men will be better able to balance their lives and to see and to feel the Beauty of Him.

A house of great size is in His Plans, for He does know the children will come from all over the world to pay Homage to Him in this place, designed by His Will, that teaches children of Grace. Pilgrims will come to learn of the way, to feel the Presence of God each day, to grow closer to Him in their little way. All their needs will be handled with physical ways. Repast, respite, God says, must be a comfort to His children so they can pray.

A hospital to aid the physical ills will lay facing the Basilica; that, too, in the form of a Cross. God has designed it thus, so children will know that He places much value on the physical.

The Way of The Cross, in a special place, will give all men a personal taste of the reality that It was, and children must walk this way to participate in that time of that day.

Coves will be set in particular ways, particular corners, for children to visit and learn more of The Saints.

And down on a knoll, in the center of all this, will be a great Amphitheater to teach children the Way of The Passion, and also to give them strength from the Bible, to help them remember, to help them be refreshed in the Beauty of God’s Plan.

Surrounding this Hill, in a glow of light, the Beads of Her Way will be a bright sight. These Beads will protect this Hill of God’s. These Beads will teach children the need and the Power that these Beads are.

When children enter this Hill of Hope, close to the entrance God has planned a great Bridge lined by The Saints. At the end of the bridge, they will suddenly see Saint Joseph, with the Child, holding the lily; and right behind Him, a great Book will be placed, depicting the Bible, God’s Love for all children. At the end of this esplanade, Three Angels will stand, showing how They, too, take part in this land.

Each step of the way to complete this great task is guided by God and will be to the last. It is to give man Hope, to show man the way to the Real Purpose of life in every day. So be it.”