Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 12, 1972 at 1:58 pm


“My children, I will speak again so you will know certain things. When I walked the earth, My choosing of twelve men was so they would follow in God’s Plan, and they would remain upon the earth to teach other men. Through This Miracle of Hope, through this walking again of The Beloved Saint Joseph, I again come to the world, but this time through a child, designed by The Holy Trinity. This manner of Our Coming is so that more men will be able to accept the Words of Wisdom, the Words Direct.

You gather in the same manner the Apostles once did, around a child, human in nature, but guided by Divine Way. There are more of you. I smile upon this, for you see, the number will increase far greater than you know, for children such as you will begin to see the Truth of This Way, the Beauty that It is upon earth.

I, as I walked the earth, taught the Wisdom of The Father. It is being done again, this time through a child upon the earth. As the Wisdom is shown, is taught, children do not realize what Worth It is. They accept It in a casual way, and some even go away and say, ‘I’ve heard that before.’ We always smile upon this, for The Father says, ‘Oh yes, you heard it through a Son of Mine, Divine’; and sometimes I look at the child and I say, ‘Yes, the Words were Mine’; and The Heavenly Mother smiles and says, ‘Oh yes, many before this child expressed the same Wisdom, and that is where you heard it.’

Oh, My children, keep in mind that This Miracle is repeating time, repeating Words of Great Worth, and that is why it is so important to each of you to follow in the way the Apostles once did, for they, too, felt the Wisdom of the way, and they, too, felt the strength of the Truth, and they, too, knew within their hearts that they were standing where it was all good.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I am ready to take this child whenever I Will it to be. She knows this. The Miracle is on the Winds of Our Power. The Miracle is a Power in Itself, governed by Us, directed by Us, designed by Us. Do not fear a running away with any part of you or any thought within you, and do not be concerned over your heart not feeling the way it used to feel, for you see, you have given much of your heart to The Holy Trinity. We smile upon this and We say, ‘It was necessary, to do Our Work each day.’

The workshop of The Beloved Saint Joseph will increase in number to a great degree, for you see, as the Hill increases in way, the workers must increase to do the work needed to accomplish What We say. You will find that many things will increase: the Words from Here, the Love from Here, and yes, the Directions to complete this Hill, Our Way.

The child will now describe to you the buildings on this Hill. Keep them in mind, My children, for as you do, you will see the significance of each one, you will feel the greatness of them, and you will feel the Love of Ours within each one.

The Great Basilica in Honor of The Beloved Saint Who was My Father and is now My Son, will be all the woods created by The Father, and they will be used one by one. This great building will be in the Sign of The Cross for Me, and it will show at the top, The Host, of Which I am The Second Part. The stairway to this edifice is all around the place so children coming from all directions will be able to enter in some way. No one is to be asked to leave unless, of course, they are standing in desecration to this Holy Place. The Tabernacle will be History to man, and the beauty of this place is far beyond what man can know. All things in here will show a Special Grace. The pillars standing on the outside will give you the twelve men who stood staunch by My Side. I smile at this and say, ‘For you will not recognize Them in the way They will stand, appearing as though They are holding up the place.’ Oh, My children, all Heaven loves this Will of God, this place designed by Him.

And now I take you to The Heavenly Queen’s place, for it will be in the design of a crown, the Crown of the last decade of the Holy Rosary. See, as She was Crowned in Heaven, it was a Great Event, so the building She will be housed in on earth, will be a Crown as such, and within this building will be the Beads of Love, encircling every bit of it to show you of Her Love.

And now I take you to a place that will show All The Saints in Heaven, and in many ways it will give you the way They took to arrive Here, Where They are to stay; and encircling this building will be statues of the twelve men who walked the way.

And now I take you down the Hill to another place, a place where it will show We care about the physical. And in this place, in the shape of a Cross, there will be a place for men to honor The Heart of Mine, The Heart I gave for all mankind. And children who will come here, will stop and say a prayer, and as they do, they will see The Heart right there, and as they look upon My Heart, I will say to them, ‘Place yourself within My Heart and I will take care.’ And so, you see, My children, in this great edifice made of brick, strong, for any architect. And now I say: ‘Also in this building will be a great dome, for men of learning to look through and watch the physical. Many, many things will be opened to men right here, and man will see that The Holy Trinity does care about the physical.’

And now I take you to a place, all wood, where men of honor must reside, and they will take care of the Hill, for you see, they are the core of it, for the staunchness that they feel in Our Way, will be expressed to you each day; and at no time of day or night can man come to this Hill without feeling access to the Sacrament of Penance that is so real, so important to man. Remember this, My children, for it will free you of the sins, of the weaknesses you have.

And now I take you across the way to another building, dedicated to the ‘Little Way’. And in this building, it will house a group of women, with Me as their only Spouse, and they will work diligently in Our Way and they will service the Hill, and they will project Our Love in every place, and they will be dressed in modesty, in purity, and they will show Our Lady’s Grace.

And now I take you further down the Hill, and on this place, a place is established for man to retreat from the world in. Oh, My children, it is one of beauty, one of Grace, for in this place men will shed the world to a degree, and they will begin to establish a feeling for Eternity, and as they do, they will feel the Power of Our Love, and they will feel the beauty of the earth all around. And when they leave this place they will desire to return, for many of them will spend a night learning about God.

And now I take you to another place that children will find to rest, for after a long journey, the comfort they will receive will give them the strength to walk the Hill and pray to The Holy Trinity, to The Heavenly Mother, and to All The Saints. This place will be known as ‘The Pilgrim House’, for pilgrims will come from all over the world, and no one is to ever be turned away, as My Parents were one day.

And now I take you to the Entrance of this Great Hill, and there stands The Beloved One, My earthly Father, Who now stands as My Son, and I will be in His Arms, close to Him, for that is how Our Life begun; and then in the other Arm will be the flower of His Way, cherished by Us Here in Our Way. And He will stand nine feet tall, expressing love to all children, and as they enter they will see the Beauty of His Face, and as they walk further on they will feel the Power of the Grace. So you see, My children, the Hill is His, and you must love every bit of it, for it is Our Will, not His.

I bless you with My Love, and I say as I do: ‘Cherish It and keep in mind, My children, that the way you walk is a truthful way, a delicate way, a sincere way, and do not let any man cause you to stray, for you see, the walking in this way will draw you closer to Me; and this is what I desire of each child here in My Presence now, to grow so in love with The Holy Trinity that you will want no other one.’ I bless you with My Heart, and through this Blessing, I give Strength, Hope, Desire, Truth, Love. So be it for today. So be it.”