Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 9, 1972 at 7:52 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Joseph. I speak through this child on this night for many reasons. For many of you, this is the first time you have come to This Miracle of Mine. This Miracle has been set forth upon the earth to give man the Way to Heaven.

As you entered you did not see Us. You were aware of a physical touch. You were aware of a physical place. It was The Heavenly Mother Who greeted you at the door and I was standing next to Her; and behind Her, The Beloved Lord, Our Son, Jesus. We stand in this home. We stand on this earth now, in a way you cannot fully understand, but nonetheless, true. The Heavenly Father has designed this time for each of you. He has asked Us to come to the world to help you rid yourselves of weaknesses, yes, and to learn the beauty of the Way to Here.

You must understand, My children, the time in which you live is a particular time, a particular love for God. You have a chance to become a Great Saint. Some of you in My Presence here will ignore the Words you have heard on this night. Some of you in My Presence here will say, ‘How can it be?’ Some of you in the room here, in presence on this night, will say, ‘It cannot be. God would not act this way.’

And so it was in Our day. When Our Beloved Son was being dragged, forced to the Hill of Calvary, men were saying it could not be that He would be The Son of God, and men were saying, ‘It cannot be that He is The Son of God or He would stand up for what is truth.’ So, you see, My children, it is now as it was then. It is difficult for man to believe truth. Heaven is teaching on this night this Wisdom. Heaven is giving you the chance to learn what you were given at the beginning.

There is to be a Hill for Me called ‘the Hill of Hope’. Many men will fight this Hill. Many men will say, ‘This Hill is not necessary,’ but believe Me, My children, as you are present in this home, this Hill is necessary, for this Hill is to be the Hill of Hope for all mankind to stand upon it, to learn to pray, to be taught Bible History, God’s Way.

The Hill has been designed by The Heavenly Father for Me, and upon this Hill there will be many edifices to help you come Here and spend Eternity.

Upon this Hill there will be a house for pilgrims to stay, a house for pilgrims to stand in, a place for children to pray. And in the Chapel in this place, the Altar will be arranged for the Great Saint Michael to stand before mankind and show the strength. The strength is not a physical strength, My children. The strength He will show is love for God: the Sword of Love, the Sword of Hope.

And then I walk further up this Hill with you, and upon this Hill there is another edifice and this will house many children who will come to retreat from the world and stand on the Hill of Hope; and as children gather here to spend time to renew their love for God, they will leave in a short time, renewed, cleansed, having hope for the physical, hope for the Spiritual.

And now I take you further up this Hill, and upon this Hill there is to be a group of men dedicated to God through Saint John Vianney, and they will bear His Name, and they will bear a Crucifix upon them, showing man that through this Death man was given life, for man could spend Eternity with God.

And upon this Hill there will be another edifice, a place for daughters to be obedient to the Will of God, to spend a life of service.

And now I take you further on this Hill, and there is a great building housing the physical, taking care of the physical ills; and in this place, all men will be dedicated to The Holy Trinity, or they will not be allowed to touch one child who comes to this Hill. They will be eliminated if they have little love for God, for you see, My children, as these men and women help the physical, they must also help the Soul of everyone.

And now I take you further on this Hill, and I take you to the Chapel of Hope, and in this place, God has designed it to be All Saints will be seen. None will be left out. And as this place grows, children will come through these rooms and they will feel God’s Hope and they will feel God’s Love, for God has truly designed this Hill. In this Chapel to The Beloved Saints, you must walk and you must learn the way They took to become a Saint. They walked the earth as you. Why does man think that to be a Saint you must not have weaknesses? It is the conquering of the weaknesses that makes man a Saint. Remember this, for you see, this room will give you hope.

And now I take you further up this Hill and I take you to the Chapel of The Beloved Mother, and as you enter this Chapel, you will become aware of the Holy Rosary. And all around this Chapel there will be Beads, reminding children to say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace. I love Thee.’

And now I take you from this Chapel, just for awhile, and I take you to another hill, housing The Holy Trinity. The Father has designed a Place of Honor here for Me, and I am obedient to His Will and I must do what He Wills Me to do.

Oh, My children, by the time you reach the top of this Hill you will see Heaven’s wish for you. Graces have poured into this Hill since the Crucifixion Day. Every spot on this Hill must be God’s Way. And when you enter this place you will feel the Hand of God, for He will be there in every place. The Chapels all will have dedication to a Particular One. Saint Michael leads the way. Keep this in mind.

And I ask you on this night to pray that the obstacles in the way will cease and God’s Will will be done as He planned it one day. He did not plan this Hill for Himself alone. He planned this Hill for man. This Hill is compared to the Hill of Calvary, for there man was given life; and here again, man is given life. Keep this in mind.

I bless you with My Love and I bless you with Hope, and I say to each child here, ‘The only thing the Souls in Purgatory have is hope, and God is allowing This Miracle to be, to give man hope before he reaches Purgatory.’ So be it.”