Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 24, 1973 at 11:27 am


“I, Saint Anne, say that I will head the Home for the Elderly on this Hill of Hope one day. The Chapel in this place will be in Honor to Me, for so many children have grown to love Me. I will mother them, for you see, in reality, I will be their Grandmother just as I am yours.

I want This recorded so It will be down in the correct place. And the Chapel that will bear My Name, I will see, will be a beautiful place. The activities of My day and how I spent the hours will be shown to all who stay, and I will encourage everyone to take a great part of the day and share it with God in a special way. We will pray together and We will speak together. We will work together and We will pay Honor to My Daughter together. We will be active on the Hill of Hope in many ways.

We will not accept laziness from anyone, for you see, God’s Will must be done even with the elderly, for many have many years to go; God’s Will, you know. So I, the Heavenly Grandmother say, ‘I will be the One to guard this place on My Son-in-law’s Hill each day.’