Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 11, 1972 at 3:39 pm


“My children, I am your Heavenly Grandmother. It is through This Great Miracle of Love that I am fast becoming known throughout the world as ‘The Heavenly Grandmother’. This Title I cherish, this Title means much to Me, for as a child seeks Me out and recognizes Who I am, then the child must recognize first, The Beloved Heavenly Queen. Keep this in mind.

As I stand Here in the Heavens I say to each child, ‘This is not just man’s dream but God’s Love for you, God’s Way of drawing you closer, His Way.’

Right now in the world there is so much desecration taking place. Men are desecrating the beauty of the family way. There is much to this way of life. There are many things in this vocation of life that God designed and God wants used for children to become Saints.

Do not let those on the outside of Truth steer you from Truth. Keep this in mind; and also keep in mind, My little ones, that you need help each day on the call to Sainthood, God’s Way. Do not let men with wise minds turn you away. Keep in mind that you must follow Truth, no matter what else anyone does say.

There are so many things for you to learn through This Miracle of Hope. As you learn each step of the way, you will one day say, ‘Thank You, God, for This Miracle in our day.’

The Hill must be accomplished God’s Way, and the Great Room of Saints that has been planned by God, will show men the vocation way to Sainthood. In this Chapel of Love, All Saints will be there, and all vocations of Their way will be shown to you. Some will be of the religious way. Some will be of the marriage way. Some will be of the single state. Some will be of the great chosen way. I want each child here to keep this in mind, and ask yourselves to begin now to use your vocation, your way, to be a Saint one day.

This Great Chapel will give men hope, and as they go through it, they will realize that the physical is the means to Sainthood, and through the physical, the vocation is important to God. So then, is it not wise to say that through the physical you must follow the vocation to one day stand in Heaven and be a Saint?

I, your Heavenly Grandmother, say to you on this day: ‘Others want to speak. Are you willing to listen, or are you closing your hearts and your minds to What We do say?’ A foolish child does not listen and goes their way. Your Mother and your Heavenly Grandmother say, ‘Use the learning today to grow more in love with God, His Way.’ So be it.”