The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 26, 1972 at 11:34 am


“Ask yourselves this moment, if I touched your arm and I said to you, ‘Will you give your life to Me?’ what would you say? My children, I am The Sacred Heart.

Children oftentimes pray, saying to Me, ‘If You give Me this, God, I will do something for You.’ I smile at this, for it is the littleness of the child making this remark. I know the capacity of the child and I know the depth of love that this child has. Sometimes, when I know the request is good for the child, I give the child what is asked; or, when I know the request is folly or not for the good of the child, I refuse, but I always hand Love in another way.

Too few children are speaking to Us these days. Too few children are realizing the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist. Too few children are standing in dignity, modesty and purity. Too few children are following the Ten Commandments. Too few children are seeing the Beauty and the Power that The Beloved Heavenly Mother is. Too few children are accepting the responsibility of following the way I walked when I was Man. Too few children are standing up for whole truth; they are mixing it with sin. Too few children say, ‘Let Thy Will be done, my God, not mine.’ Too few children pray.

In the time in which you live, children have forged ahead, shouting that they are praying to The Holy One. They are using My Name. In many areas of this prayer, man is satisfying himself, not Me Who is Here. Man is seeking total satisfaction for self through prayer. Man is not looking at prayer to satisfy Me. When men place My Heart before them, something has to click. What man could look at My Heart and not think of how I gave It? Men are ignoring My Heart, for in ignoring It, they feel they do not have to follow It, trust It, or obey It.

My children, many Lessons have been taught through this child who is a Victim Soul, for Souls. Many men, in ridiculing her and This Miracle, ridicule Me and My Heart. Many men who stand so righteous, not accepting Truth, will fall into the hands of the enemy and will sink to the depths of Hell. Men are seeking power; whether they gain it through physical strength, mental strength, they do not care. The only real power man has is in his will, and We put it there. We allow man certain degrees of progress, but always with Our Purpose in mind: for the child to gain Sanctity in The Divine.

This Great Hill of Hope designed by Us, for The Beloved Saint Who walked with Me upon the earth, Who protected Me against many things, Who taught Me physical worth, will stand high on this Hill for men to come to honor and revere. In this great edifice We have planned for Him, We will be present every hour of the day for children to come, for children to pray, for children to see the beauty of the physical way.

Man says, ‘It is such a big project, God.’ We smile when man says this. Was not the walk to Calvary a big project? Was not the Blood I shed for you a major project? Were not the Wounds inflicted by man such as you a great amount for Me to withstand for you? Man wants all things to be made easy. Man says, ‘Give me a Miracle, God, and I will change.’ The Holy Trinity, of Which I am The Second One, hands you The Miracle for All Time, The Miracle of a Beloved Son.

Remember, I began speaking to you by saying, ‘If I touched you’; I truly have, in more ways than you can know, for I touched your heart with Mine. I touched your Soul with Love from The Divine. I touched your mind so you would open it, so you would better be able to understand Our Way, Our Love for man. Oh, My children, remember the road to Calvary. Remember My touching you, and remember that We love you.

I bless you with My Hand and I say, ‘As I stand in the Heavens, I have the Power to be with you; as I stand Here, My Blessing truly touches you.’ So be it.”