God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 22, 1972 at 12:47 pm


“I am your Father. All things Here in Heaven I have given to the world in a small degree. In Heaven it is the Sight of Me; on earth it is the Truth of Me. In Heaven, the service through The Saints, through the Angels, is a joy for Each One of Them. On earth, when man serves Me and truly does it unselfishly, there is a tranquility and a joy within him.

I gave man great order to live by and to live in. I gave man material things to make him comfortable. I allowed man progress to give him joy in challenge. In Heaven, I give The Saints great tasks to perform, and in the accomplishment of them, They bring Souls to Me. I gave all children in the world the chance to be a Saint, the chance to spend Eternity with Me. Some accepted this Love of Mine and combined their will with Mine and attained Sanctity.

I gave man prayer – communication with Me. I gave man Holy Mother Church, in which I placed the Physical of Me. I gave man The Ten Commandments to live by, The Rules to stand up to and abide by. I gave man a place to stand where he could partake in giving Me to man. My Son stood in this place first, showing mankind the order of things. I handed it directly through Him to man, for it was the Ultimate Gift in the physical. The time in which you live there is much desecration of this Gift. There is much heresy being developed all around.

There is much jealousy surrounding this child. The men who feel worthy do not have This Gift, and as it has been said before, such a Gift from Me is balanced out with a burden. It has to be, for you see, I would be showing partiality. There are many facets to what I have just said, and many men would argue for years, picking it apart, deciding on the validity of it; and in this time, they would have lost their Soul because they were too involved in determining how I would word things. This is man’s enemy – involvement in things of little worth.

Today I have presented to many men in your presence, Words from Here. Right now many are disregarding the meaning of These Words, and yet I request this child to go on and on and on and on, continuously doing things that give her no satisfaction, for you see, it is My Way of presenting Truth to man. There are many learned men who are anxious to eliminate her and many who are trying desperately to ignore her, for if they have to face what she is, how she stands, they will have to admit their weaknesses before man, and this they do not want to do, this they want no part of, for their pride stands strong before them and within them, and they have not learned the beauty of humility and the power it is before man.

As I speak through this child, I speak from a Realm far from yours, and I speak in a manner you understand. I speak Words familiar to you, and I speak Them in a way where there is no confusion. This is My Love for you. This is My Gift to you. Some of you, on this day, accepted Me in a physical way, and as you did, you did not know the Greatness of the Gift, the fullness of the Gift. You did it because you feel the Truth It is, the Strength It is, and the courage It gives you.

Man wants this child to stand out in great emotional, sensational ways. I have designed This Miracle and I will do it My Way. The Hill of Hope must come about. It is My Will. And those men who stand in the way of this Hill I will deal with, for they are men of little Faith. They are men of great pride and they are standing in a position of authority. They are forgetting that I Am The Authority in the world. They are forgetting I Am The Power in the world, and they are forgetting that I designed the world and I am asking for a portion of it back. You see, My children, man has become so self–satisfied that he is forgetting to serve Me My Way. He is forgetting to be humble. He is forgetting to pray.

As I speak through this child, I am truly your God, and it was I Who gave you Faith. Have you helped it grow? For, when I gave it to you it was a seedling, and now it should be blooming.

My children, the world is a noisy place. Heaven is a Joyful Place. Your path can be an easy one if you concentrate on My Will and yours as one. I have come to you on this day to reassure you in My Way, but to also strengthen you, for there is much work yet to be done, for the Hill of Hope must one day glow in the sun and Souls must be saved; and I am using this child and each of you through This Miracle I have given to the world to make Me more Saints. So be it.”