Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 19, 1972 at 9:50 am


“Today, man is celebrating in My Honor. Man is looking to My Way and to My Name. I stand Here in the Heavens and I proclaim that the Heavenly Will must be done by every child born to the world. The Beauty of This Miracle of Mine is to alert mankind to the Truth, to the Wisdom of God. There are so many individuals who are following untruths. They are following the weaknesses of men and they are determined to do this, no matter what the price will be that they will have to pay for the evil plan.

My children, keep in mind this: The Holy Trinity is The Creator of All Things; The Beloved Mother, The Heavenly Mother of All Beings. I, Saint Joseph, stand Here, obedient to the Will of God. As it was upon the earth, it is now.

When you are in your daily work, offer this work to God. When you finish the day, give thanks for all the things that came your way. Good or bad, be sure you say, ‘Thank You, God,’ for you see, My children, sometimes an unhappiness is allowed to give you strength.

This day is truly Blessed by Me. The hours ahead, men will honor Me. I bless you in the Name of The Holy Trinity and I send your Mother’s Love to each of thee, and as I stand Here in the Heavens I cover you with My Mantle, for This is a Protection for each of thee. So be it.”