Saint Andrew

5 AD  - 60 AD

Saint Andrew

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 1, 1995 at 1:13 pm


“I am Saint Andrew. Many people depend much on their imagination in all areas of life, especially the moral, because through their moral actions they find access to all areas of life. Mankind’s imagination is very often revealed through their emotions, or many times through the style of living they choose.

All of Us Who deliver Instructions through This Miracle that was designed by The Father for the benefit of the Souls of all races, all creeds of mankind, in many ways eliminates any room for imagination, because All the Instruction that is delivered is for the benefits of the Souls. There is nothing imaginative about Heaven, nor about Souls. It is All reality, and mankind must understand that both of These Things are Factors that must never be set aside, any day, while one is living.

At the end of the human life there is a beginning, but it all radiates through the Soul. There is not enough attention, respect, understanding, or information spoken about, or taught, regarding what occurs when human life is over.

This Precious Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle of The Father’s Love, is an Important Issue for mankind of all intellects, all creeds, to more fully understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and it would be foolish for mankind not to realize that in this Gift of intelligence, of sensitivity, of hopes, of goals, it would automatically be a Goal of Greatness.

With all the instruction that mankind receives from books that are written by the intellects of all who, if you were to truly see the moral values and the immoral values of these individuals, you would be shocked at how little they realize what mankind truly consists of.

With What I have spoken today, I hand mankind a Special Blessing, because in All that has been taught, elaborated upon so intensively regarding what a Precious Gift human life is, We find so few truly recognizing what a Magnificent Treasure God has made out of human life, over and above all other creations.

My Blessing is this: Wisdom comes in full measure when an individual can say:

‘I love You, God, thank You for making me who I am, and the Treasure of the Soul that is within me. Thank You, God, for the Faith that gives me strength to endure all obstacles, and thank You, God, for the time in every day.’ So be it.”