Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 11, 1985


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Teresa of Avila. I speak the Words through this woman in the world, and I say through The Heart of The Beloved One, that you must be strong in your Faith in God, that you must believe in prayer, and that you must daily respond to the Beauty of The Mother of God, for She is The One Who will intercede for all things to be done, for all things to be accomplished, for all goals to be reached. She is The One that satan fights but he cannot win. She is The One Who will stomp him out when the time is right, and not before then.

Let your Faith grow. Let your staunchness in what you believe in stand strong before all men. Be truthful to yourself. Be honest with God, and be faithful to Him.

You live in a time of great tragedy and one day there will be much remorse for this time in History, for the desecration to all that is right, all that is good, is a great sadness to The Father Who created all things. In the world, the time in which you live, there is sadness everywhere because of the abominations being done against a pure life, the abominations that are full of sin.

Do not think that purity is out of reach for you, but know that purity of mind, body and Soul is for you. It is your will that will attain it. It is your will that will hold onto it, and it is your will that will one day hand a Pure Soul to God, and you will say: ‘It was difficult, God, for so many times men tried to draw me away. But I understood in a moment of truth that my will was my way, and You gave it to me in a quiet way at the moment of my conception as a human being, to one day live in the world. Thank You, God, for the privilege. Thank You, God, for the time. Thank You, God, for the strength that I learned to have, that I worked at, so I could one day live with You in the Divine.’

I speak from the Heavens, My children, in a way you cannot know, but in a manner of love and truth, honor and dignity, respect and hope, for in the day in which you live you have the opportunity to reach for Sainthood as your Goal.

So many times, in different periods of life, men are instructed more thoroughly to reach for that Goal for which each man was born to the world. You are Blessed in many ways and you must remember that you have control of your will, and what your will does, what your will says, controls the purity of your Soul.

Be blessed by All that is Here, and never forget that when you kneel in prayer, look at the Beauty of the Spiritual way, the Spiritual life; you call it ‘Faith’. There is strength in it, there is hope in it, there is love in it, there is purpose in it, and of course, there is a Goal. It would be terrible to live without it, and it would be terrible to live without this Beautiful Goal. So be it.”