Saint Martin
de Porres

1579 - 1639

Saint Martin de Porres

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 12, 1972 at 11:18 am


“My children, I am Saint Martin de Porres. I speak through this child in My way, to deliver to you in your day, a Direction for you to follow so you will come Here one day.

I speak with firmness, for the physical way. I speak and I say: ‘All the fears that you have, be sure that you gather them together and you offer them to God in your little way. All the doubts that you carry for all things, gather them together and hand them to The Divine King. The sadnesses of your way through the physical life, gather these and say to Him: “I offer them to You, my God, to be dispersed in the manner You desire them to be. Let all these things that disturb me help the Souls You desire to gather around Thee.” Say to Him on the waking hours, “I thank You, my God, for this time, for this way.” And as you pass through the day, keep in mind, a thought for Him will grant you Grace from The Divine.’

There were many times in the physical way that unhappiness was mine, and I found that to bear this unhappiness it was best that I share it with God and ask Him to help me, to sustain me in all ways. The criticism I suffered, many times, was much the same criticism as some of you suffer in your time. Many men will judge, unknowingly. Many men will criticize unjustly. When you share these moments with God, the burden is lighter, the purpose greater, and, oh yes, My children, there is a growing in love with God that you cannot define.

It is true I stand in the Heaven, it is true I speak through the child, and All the things I have spoken are worthwhile. Do not forget What I have said, but be aware of Each Word, Each Direction, Each Truth, and let the Teaching, in the way of a sermon, help you to better understand that you must always hold The Father’s Hand. So be it.”